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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Death on Halloween

This is a first for me. This Halloween morning, I come home to find my neighbor dead.
I kid you not.
It doesn't even make for a particularly interesting story, other than it is Halloween.

Poor Leroy, but I hope he is in a better place. He did not appear to lead much of a rewarding life here. Maybe that is far too presumptuous of me. I hope he was content and happy, but there were clues to the contrary.

Leroy was my next door neighbor. I pulled in the driveway this morning after dropping my daughter off at the bus stop to find his truck still out front.
That is highly unusual for Leroy. He always goes out to breakfast every morning like clockwork. On my days off, I would hear the early riser up before six and out the door at 6am sharp. For his truck to be in the driveway soon after 7am could have been a quick-breakfast morning. But to see him through the front windows still asleep in his recliner was not good.

I knew Leroy just got home from a 10day hunting trip, so my first thought was, 'maybe he is still a bit exhausted and just didn't make it out this morning, or got home early and fell asleep again.' Somehow, in my heart, I knew he was either in trouble or gone already. Leroy drank a lot, I mean 24/7 a lot, so another possibility could have been a breakfast-bender, but that again would have been a bit too much, even for jolly 'ol drunky neighbor. He could pound back a few in the a.m. for good measure, but to pass out . . .naaaah.

I stood there, out front, in the crisp morning air, staring through his window, observing his chest to see if I could make out any movement of breathing. I couldn't tell from the distance and he did look a bit ashen.
I pounded on the door, "Leroy? Leeerooyyy?" No response

I stepped back, looked through the window again and scared myself into thinking, 'What if he opens his eyes and wonders why I am staring through the window.'

I called 911 and reported my neighbor non-responsive and she sent the Sheriff, Paramedics and Fire Cheif. Confirmed. Poor Leroy.

Leroy was a character. He always had a smile for me and my daughter. Never missed the opportunity to bid goodday and a fare-the-well. Couldn't quite call him a polite old timer, as he was a bit of a dirty ol man, but that was just his way of trying to be funny and notice the ladies. Leroy had a good heart and would give anyone the shirt off his back. He looked after our little neck of the woods and Leroy loved all the animals. He had a special soft spot for his dear sweet Annie, his beloved cat. I will take care of her now, happy to do so. She is used to me.
Not sure if his son will want to take her when he finds out, if so, he may want the dear kitty and I'll be sad to see her go.

I don't know much about Leroy other than he was divorced (didn't have much nice to say about what's her name), he has a son here in town, (don't know his name) and he had a good 'ol guy friend that would come callin' to visit once to twice a week.
They'd sit out front just shooting the breeze. My little dog loved it when the guys got together to sit a spell out front. My dog would run up to them and take turns between laps to sit on and boy did they dode on him. My dog had them wrapped around their finger and Leroy loved him. He would sit and visit and pet Peter's ears and pat his head.

Ya, Leroy lead a quiet, unassuming life here and I will remember him fondly.
Walk that riverbank and fish forever in sunshine Leroy. No more pain and no more beers where you are!
God Bless You,

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