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Wednesday, March 5, 2008


There are 2 Romeos in my life.
Romeo, my parrot! And my imaginary Romeo whom I have yet to meet.
The Romeo I will blog the evening to a close about is my parrot, the Mr. Loudmouth tonight!
He sees me munching on tortilla chips at my desk and every time my hand dips in the bag, "EurWhaaaaaaa" - those that have parrots can just hear it now! And then as my hand slides out of the bag and the chip is on it's course to stuff my face, he screams at me again! Can you say SPOILED?!
I lava lava my Romeo. He is an 'Eclectus', the breed originally from the Solomon Islands off Australia, but he was hatched in Sunnyvale California. My daughter and I got him from an exotic bird store in Cupertino (near Sunnyvale) when he was 10months old....he's 9yrs
now and I will have to put him in my will because he is sure to outlive me. :-)

Here is a beaaaautiful picture of my Mr. Romeo dreamy lovie parrot. He is truly a sweetheart of a bird and never fails to surprise me with just how affectionate a birdie can be. Not all parrots are snugglie, but the male Eclectus are notorious love-bugs!

The female Eclectus are nicknamed the "Praying Mantis" of the parrots, because in the wild they often BEHEAD their mates after mating! A few years ago, I searched on Yahoo and found a female companion for my Romeo as I thought he might want a buddy. I called about a female Eclectus for sale by private owner (that needed to get rid of her because they were about to have their first baby and didn't want parrots in the house.) I specifically asked him if he had heard the phrase that the females are KNOWN for being the praying mantis of the parrots, and he told me it was well over exaggerated.

So, I go to check her out. He takes me to a room, a parrot room, where he has more birds, (that I did not know about in previous conversation, hmmm) and there she was - GORGEOUS female Eclectus. The females look very different than the males. They are Scarlet red with purple fact, this parrots name was Scarlet.

So, I walk further into the parrot room and am checking her out and I see a male Eclectus with a HUGE HOLE right thru his beak!! I asked the guy what happened to his poor bird and he said, "Oh, the female wants him to mate real bad and he's not cooperating." Well, no &*%^$!!! Sure enough, she is trying to bite his head off! So, I pointed this out to him, "Um, it looks pretty obvious that your 'exaggerated' praying mantis theory is actually dead-on! I won't be buying your female Eclectus and I never will put my Romeo in harm's way."

I really wanted to rescue his male bird and I will always wonder what ever became of that guy. The male Eclectus are soooo docile. I hope he went to a nice home.

OK, ta ta.

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