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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Brain Break

Why does this guy come up when I type 'brain break' in google images?
I guess he's the p.c. police coming to arrest me for neglecting my chores.

I know he's from Reno 911. My daughter loves that show, but I just don't get it. For a good laugh, I like Chelsey Lately, SNL, Kathy Griffin, Mitch Fatel and I'll think of more later. My brain r e e e e a l l y needs a break from this box. Yet another day working on tweeks and tricks from various blogs of help like

Enough of a step forward I can get up and enjoy the rest of this beautiful day; and that's saying a lot for me, because usually I get such a hair up my butt that I cannot pull myself away until I have a particular project nailed. Today's quest was working on my post footers . . . .the diggs, bookmarks & stumbles, etc. Still needs aligning and polish, but uhg - I'm busting outta here and going to the beach luau with my daughter and the dog! I'll bring back some video footage and pics.

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