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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Name Dropper

Since I have been so into blogging lately, it is ingrained in me to jump the moment a whimsical or smart blog name pops to mind.

I race to my computer to claim the site and 9 times out of 10, it's taken. What gets me though, are the great names that are hanging around in vein.

Dust off t
he cobwebs and fulfill their journal destiny or release them into space for us active venturers to put them to good work!

Here are 4 that struck me in the last couple hours alone while I was drafting up my previous post, Why I joined PayPerPost. I came to the last line of my draft, . . . .to blog about and it hit me, Aha! BlogAbout is a great name! It's taken, even blog-about is taken. The last entry in blogabout was February 2008, ok, not too terribly long ago. But here are some others that are aching for a spanking.

Writerbynature, last post October 2006. This popped into my head while I was on the toilet. Don't ask me to explain the method to my madness. It maddens
even me sometimes. The wheels rarely stop spinning and I awake exhausted a lot. I am even cursed(or blessed) by very vivid dreams that I should, blog about.

Anyway, there I was, on the throne and the whiff of dog urine disturbed me. My dog will sometimes wizz on the bathroom matt. He's a clever doggy.
We got him from the pound. I never trained him to do this. Perhaps he can smell the odoriferous quality of that particular room. Nonetheless, no matter how wonderful my genius the wonder dog Petey is, in that piss-whiffy moment I thought, "Naughty Peter." Then my mind wandered, 'naughty by nature . . . . aha writerbynature.'! As soon as I was, uh-um, done, I typed it in and it was claimed. Give it up already, you user. (jk w/a smile :-)

The next couple I checked were simply enter, and writeaway. Enter, what was I thinking? Of course it's gone. What a great blog name, but tell me why the last post was February 2005?
Can you feel the frustration? Writeaway's last post was December 2001.

O.k, I vent, I feel better. This post serves two purposes. I get to ramble and write and feel better. And one of the guidelines in order to be paid by payperpost is that my post before and after any payperpost must be nonppp. That's ok by me, I plan to write a lot and post a lot.

I read
about flipping blogs and websites, and that is one of my goals too. By the way, I found the accompanying headline photo when I googled 'dead blog' and it is actually from a Dead Blog, neuralslave and the post even declares, "Warning, you stepped a dead blog!"

Some of these names that are darn near lifeless, if not dead,  Let my BlogName Go.

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