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Monday, August 25, 2008

Pigtails, rabbit ears and handlebars

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Pigtails, rabbit ears and handlebars
Hooray for cycles & sunshine. poo poo on the sweatshirt!

Just got back from a quickie ride. Asked my daughter to take
a quick snappie of me so you can see what I've been talking about. Rather, look who's talking.

The bike is rusty, but works, the clothes are neither appropriate nor inappropriate. I'm not that kina girl!

The sweat is real, and so's the gut. Oh, and the butt is really sore, and that's a good thing.

Skipped the entire weekend of cycling and was definitely feeling the extra
weight on this short ride. Just to the store and back. Milk, catfood, dogfood
a couple munchies and the essential toilet paper!

That oughtta lighten the load . . . .
Geek on the rise, um, ride

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fight, Flight and Fail

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Fight, Flight and Fail
Love it!
This is one of the funniest videos I have seen in a while.
Just think, 'Raiders of the Lost Arc, crazy dude wielding fancy moves, and Harrison Ford Owns the Smack Down'

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Cycle of Life

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Cycle of Life
Ended up going for that rainy day cycle.

It was a challenge, but I am glad I forced myself to do that. Only thing is, now that I know I can do that, I have one less excuse to get out of exercise, even if it is in the wind and rain.

I headed out about 10:30am, not wanting to wait any longer. It should have been well past morning commute
and enough time before lunch rush.

Just about 2 minutes down the road, I wanted to turn around and walk back up the hill. Didn't account for the wind factor blowing all that rain into my face, making it that much more difficult to navigate the ride. I pushed on. It wasn't a downpour. It wasn't pleasant, but I wasn't all that miserable.

Getting closer to the middle of the little town I pass through to get out to my
regular route (out of town, onto and off the other side of the highway, out to the barn), there were a lot of cars on the road. Why? Who knows.

Seemed there were more cars than usual, but just because it's rainy? I don't know. For a moment I was self conscience of what they must be thinking of me. I have to pass through the heart of this little logging town, passed the library, park, police station, feed store, automotive, hardware store, dentist and bowling alley. Streams of cars just kept along with me, both sides of the road.

Only for a moment did that tiny bit of humbling shame settle on my heart, then I realized how ridiculous that was. I had a warm coat on, I had a safe helmet on, I have no flat tire, I'm peddling along at a great clip, let them feel foolish for burning more fuel and draining their pocketbooks.

The next leg of my trek, past the bowling alley, takes me a ways up hill. It's down hill from my place, level throughout that little bit of town, and back uphill, slow grade
, toward the highway, then out to the barn.

Approaching the highway, there's a stop before you can go east or west onto the highway. I see a line of cars backing up at the stop. "great". Here I come along, in the rain, fighting the wind, in jeans, making my way past this line of cars up to the stop. I wait patiently, I have all day, they're the poor shmucks off to someplace to get money to spend on gas. (I tell myself)

That embarrassed feeling was wanting to take hold, I was having none of that. I don't care what these people think. I ate too much ice cream yesterday, I want the e
xercise, my horse is waiting for me and, besides, it's kind of a fun adventure.

But then I saw just how busy the highway was. What is it about this rain today that is driving more vehicles onto the road? Another thought crossed my mind, "What if in my rush to navigate this crossing, I slip in the slick?" I'll just have to wait at that stop until it is so clear that I have plenty of time to make it across safely.
And that's just what I did.

I waited for all the Mr.& Mrs. McStopSigns to go, waited for all easters and westers to go by, then made my way across. easy peasy

Once I am on the highway, that is the tricky part. Not just today in the rain, but there are a couple of narrow passages along the highway and, remember, this is logging country. Also, since we are out a ways in the country, there are often 18 wheeler fr
eight trucks whizzing back and forth. I can hear when the big trucks are approaching, and it gives me a minute to prepare and make sure I am well balanced, and I can try to make sure I am well enough over to the right, but some spots, there's literally not much to work with other than about 5 inches or smacking your head against a tree.

Made it just fine, as usual. Foxxy was thrilled to see me. I brought her out a big scoop of grain before heading back to grab her some hay. Even though there is plenty of rich grass in pasture right now, I didn't want her standing too long in the rain when she can
graze on hay right under the lean-to.

There were a couple other fat lug geldings in pasture this morning and one of them is an onry brat that will take every chance to force Fox away from her grain. I stood ground and kept that guy at bay. The other gelding is very polite, he wouldn't even approach, but he watched and drooled. I stayed long enough for Fox to eat most of her grain before I went in the barn to grab her pile of hay. Sure enough, when I step back out, there's mr.sneaky finishing off her breakfast, nasty bugger.
I patted my beautiful Foxxy and headed out the front doors to go home. Wanna guess what hand Murphy's Law dealt me right at that moment as I was saddling up to the bike? A hot mess. A bloody hot mess to enjoy all the ride home. Lovely

I either cannot stand to pedal when I hit some uphill grade, or my jeans will be dark enough soaked with rain by then that no one would notice my hot mess anyway.
It's bad enough I was feeling a little embarrassed for all that commuter traffic to see me cycling in the rain; now I have to share with them one of woman kind's not so kind intimate cycle of life? gimme a break

Nothing I can do about that now, just saddle up and go. On the way home, I tried really hard to think of all things positive to help get me through the next trying moments. It's difficult to keep the list in mind when you're trying to navigate highway, rain, wind, cycle and period, but I wanted something to write about when I got home besides the hot mess.

I told myself, "At least no one can tell how much is sweat pouring off my face and water, the rush to get home is pushing my exercise harder, the wet road is making the tires louder and I can hear more cars approaching, no wait, that's just literally more cars today, I can add one more accomplishment to my list."

Who cares about some damn accomplishment at this moment? I was even pissing myself off. No more positive thoughts, just get the hell home! It's rainy and windy and I am niagra falls over here.

I make it most of the way home pushing myself in areas I had taken it easy before or had sometimes even gotten off to walk. I didn't even feel any pain in my legs, I just pushed, didn't stand up to give the cars behind me a brilliant show, just pushed it baby.

About a quarter of a mile left to go, and this last uphill I can't push, no way, no how. I hop off to walk the rest of the way. No more cars, we're on the outskirts of the neighborhood now with only a few houses to go.

I have no idea how much of what I am feeling is mess or wet rain all over me, but it's not funny anymore. My heart was pounding so hard in my chest, it felt like it was going to explode. That can't be good. Now I could feel the pain. It hurt just to walk; I was taking the steps very slowly now, I literally could not even move my legs very well at all. Verrrry slowly, one in front of the other.

Just when I was thinking I had better unzip my jacket to cool off because my heart was really worrying me, a gust of cool wind scooped up behind me and pushed me up the hill! No exaggeration, I mean, in that instant I needed it, there it was, and it lasted. That wind pushed and carried me up the last 50 yards of that hill and when it all leveled off and I was safely home, the breeze was gone.

I stripped down and collapsed at home. Turned on the tv and settled in for a well earned break. Suddenly the sky opened up and the rain was an absolute downpour. I finished that ride just in time.

The morning ended with a bang, literally - check this out. Three very loud, very close explosions. Snap, Bam, then a bit later, *BANG*!!! A transformer must have blow. No power. Only had to wait a short while before we heard a truck and crew, working right up from my driveway. Wow, that was close! Glad I wasn't on my bike right then too.......

Rain or shine, cycling again

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Rain or shine, cycling again
5:30 a.m. and a howling fat cat named Peanut has the nerve to wake this fat grumpy bear. The sun is about to rise and he is anxious to get outside and look for his brother.

I waste just a quick second to stretch, curse the cat and remember Whitey fondly. Now, I get my ass up for coffee and I'm going to hit the road cy
cling again.
(update: i'm going later. I just stepped outside and heard a couple cars. was hoping to beat some morning cars, but it's 6:45 and they're already on the road. there's a couple very narrow stretches I'd rather not navigate between rain and cars. that's my 'excuse.')

The last couple days have been all about ice cream. This ride is going to be brutal, in more ways than one. I feel heavier and it is raining out. I'll think a quick prayer that the rains stop, just for me. If I get soaked to the bone riding, I'll be that much heavier.

Just like those damn nike commercials, just do it, right?

Surfing for new news while downing some quick coffee, I find another refere
nce to the 'just do it', from Here's a fun article about a married couple in Colorado that wrote a book about their challenge to 'just do it' for 101 days. I've been alone for about 13 years. How many days is that? You have just had a peek, or a revealing hint, into my little piece of the world!
(top image: i googled 'bike in the rain' and this was a winner)

'Peanut', damn cat. SLEEP IN next time, pesky varmint

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Morning cycle update

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Morning cycle update
This morning I went cycling. I almost said I went for a long bike ride, but it wasn't' that long, about 4 miles. It felt like a long ride though, because I am a bit out of shape. Moreso endurance and not so much fattyfat.

I brought the camera to hopefully catch some great shots along the way. About 5 minutes along the road, I approached a fawn, aww how cute. I stop, actually, the little bugger let me stop pretty close to the flea bit mongrel. I crept up closer, closer, ok, this is good. I turn to zip open the pouch on the bike and I was close enough that the sound of the zipper startled it.

Across the road, his twin! We made eye contact and I hurried up to grab the camera and the little bastard went springy springin across that road so fast to catch up to it's sibling. Would have made a cute pick or video, but they were too fast. I wonder where their mamma is. Maybe she's just chilling back at the house on the bbq, wouldn't that be nice! Here, I got it all ready, hop on, cook yourself! Would you mind plucking your ticks first, I don't like those bite size morsels.

Next along my route was a beautiful shot of the morning sun through the Oregon trees, well hell, I see that everyday, didn't bother to stop and take a pick, just soaked it all in. Never spotted any Bald Eagle and never stopped to take any pics. OK, no nice pics to share on this post.

I'll ride again tomorrow, since I am on a roll, ha ha. And I'll bring back some great shots. Oh, by the way, the 4 mile ride took me 1 hour. About 1/4 of it, I had to hop off and walk because of all the hills we live on and around. It wasn't an easy ride, but it was fun enough for me to go it again.

I passed out on the couch for a couple hours when I got home, but I feel healthier.
(I googled 'twin fawns' and grabbed that image)

Cycling my spare tire

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Cycling my spare tire
6:30a.m., beautiful morning, & I'm about to go cycling for a few miles. Earlier I posted that my middle has been tenderized lately and I am doing something about it. Well, in order for me not to be a liar, I had better exercise!

Yesterday was long walk day with the dog. That didn't go over so well, you can read that here on my blog: Blogon Dog! And other days I walk to the store and back as much as possible. Many mini trips with the back pack means less big stocking up later, but I think I would save more money if I did a big stock up. That's overdue. What's worse; save some green or shed some fat? I need both.

Just need to finish this hot coffee, get some supplements in me and I am off on my cycling trip. Oh, I should bring the camera! You never know when you'll spot a Bald Eagle around here. Last year there was one circling above our yard. I was so hoping it was checking us out to make a new home. Wouldn't that be neat. I guess it passed on us because too many cats!

Feeling a little self conscience about my ride, but I know that is just silly. I don't have the proper attire, but maybe that's a good thing. We are just country bumpkins. No need to get all decked out. But I'll be riding in jeans! Who cares?
I just wish with this latest gas crisis and economy, more people were out riding. I'm giong to look and feel a little lonely out on that road. Ok, stop dwelling and JUST DO IT! (a little more coffee helps me procrastonate)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Beautiful Gardens

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Beautiful Gardens
In case you have not had the pleasure to fly off to China recently, here are some great pics of the Beijing Olympic Gardens!

To tell the truth, I haven't watched one event yet. I am a bit torn between supporting American athletes and boycotting the Olympics all together.

No one would feel any pinch from me watching or otherwise, way out here in my little neck of the woods. But as long as there is even the tiniest glimmer of moral obligation to boycott China, I'll do what I can.

Not watching the Olympics on t.v. is something I have control over, so able to boycott in my own small way. I am quite sure there are a zillion items about my home that are 'made in China' that I am either unaware or aware but can't live without.

I can live without watching the Olympics, but here's a shoutout, "Rock On USA!"

Kitty go bye bye

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Kitty go bye bye
Whitey has been gone a couple days now. Not long for a cat, but not the norm for our Whitester.

Yesterday, I blogged on 'down, write blog' about Whitey being gone just over 24hrs. Well, now it's been just over a couple days and no sign of him.

Part of me doesn't want to worry yet. Part of me wants to think he's still ok, but someone else must have him because he is so lovey and friendly. But the realistic part of me knows he would not stay more than a couple hours in someone else's house. He's all about the outdoors. He comes in to eat, but then he's the kind of cat that paws at the blinds and mow-mows real loud, yelling at you to let him back out.

If someone took a liking to him, he would be easy to befriend and keep around at a new house, especially if they are spoiling him with some canned kibble bits. But I thought Whitey was so loyal to us. We have his brother and mamma cat, and the brothers were practically inseparable!

Something tells my gut that he is gone, maybe squished or a dog got to him. I'll keep looking for a while, but yesterday's search turned up no body nor any hint of him around. Come home Whitey, we miss you!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Animal Behavior, while Elizabeth & the kids are Human

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Animal Behavior, while Elizabeth & the kids are Human
Have been flip-flopping if I was going to touch this one with a ten foot pole. It's all over the news anyway. But as I watch more and more, for instance, I was watching the latest on O'Reilly, I get so peeved at this jackass, you know the latest jerk, Edwards.

Forget Character! Way past scumbag, collected more than $200, said go go go outta one side of your jackass mouth while saying no no no out the other.

Doesn't it plainly reveal that he lost all common sense and therefore any ability to make sound judgement?! Hello! Getting caught up in the oldest scheme of all humanity, sex scandal, having no control over pleasures of the flesh.

Not shouting from a high and righteous soap box stuffed with bibles, no, here's my point. Anyone with 1/2 a brain would know in this day and age, it is BOUND to come out. No matter how much filthy, dirty money you throw at it, your filthy, slutty secret is going to come out.

How could a Presidential candidate make such an err in judgement? Here's how; 'he' didn't make that judgement call at all, his pecker did. That little part of his primordial pea brain kicked in when his kickstand was up and he dipped his pen in the campaign trail, I mean tail.

What a hussy floozey bag of a chic. If she was in it for a butt load of money from the beginning, she's a brilliant little bitch. If she was in it just to suck on some horse-tooth, $400 hair cut, misogynistic blow-hard, well, then they deserve each other.

She got her blow-hard and he got his blown hard, I am quite sure.

Tomatoes and doggy toes

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Tomatoes and doggy toes
How many branches does it take a tomato plant to grow fruit?

Umpteen, I guess. My tomato plant looks plenty big enough, but no red in sight yet.
This is a first for me. I always have wonderful success with tomatoes, more than I can manage. But I think this plant is a dud.

In front of the tomatoes, are watermelon, roses, a bird-crap sapling of an evergreen and flowers. yadda yadda

Petey is on the porch soaking up some sunshine and keeping watch on my planted pretties. Looks like he's due for another shave today. Look at the bottom of his footsies. Even the hair between his toes grows out.

It's a pekingese thing. Let it grow, and the hair will just get longer and longer.
We used to keep him long-haired, but only the first few months we had him. It's tougher on him than us. The long hair is only miserable for him. He really loves his fresh cuts and he romps all around with absolute delight after I clip him!

Flat Cycle

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Flat Cycle
Speaking of grabbing . . . (previous post-money highway)
My daughter tells me the next door neighbor's little girl's bike has just been ran over and squished. And, the story gets better!
(googled 'ran over bike' and this was first image. Original news story of a Portland bicyclist ran over and killed. Eeww, sad, and is that remnants of her on the road?)

The younger, little sister of my daughter's friend next door has been kina getting on our nerves lately. She's a whiner, tattletale, and tattles about nonsense stories she makes up to get attention, and just all around a baby of a girl that (apparently) has her mother either wrapped around her little finger or the mom is just plain duped.

This little girl constantly wants to tag along with the older girls, my daughter and the little girl's big sis. Fine, natural enough, normal adolescence. The older girls play with her plenty, everyday and since I am just right next door and work from home and have 4 huge picture windows, essentially the entire face of my house is all window looking out across the 3acre parcel........I see it all.

The girls are always accommodating and often come in to my house to play nintendo in my daughter's room or to watch the latest Jonas Brothers, SpongeBob, Hannah Montana, or whatever mind numbing silliness is on that they just "Ah gasp, HAVE to see!"

OK, ya, my kid has her own t.v. and cable in her room. So spank me already. She is almost 13 and she has earned it. My daughter gets nothing handed to her. She has regular chores, she is whipped into shape (figuratively) and she minds her ps and qs, whatever that means. Besides, we have been struggling the past few years and she knows the value of a dollar and the value of what little luxuries she has.

Anyway, back on topic. My daughter came in the door a bit ago and told me, "XXXX's bike just got ran over."
Well, now at least she has something real to whine about! Yes, I giggled a bit. I asked my daughter, "How could someone NOT see a bike as they are approaching?" My daughter told me that the little girl's dad told the neighbors that it is ok to run over the bike(s) if the kids leave them in the way. (A few of us neighbors share a long gravel driveway) The driveway is a slant and the kids love to go up and down and flying around and come whizzing down the driveway fast. I am at the bottom, furthest in, at the end, with 3 acres of open pasture, lawn and trees. The kids come flying down and ride all around my lawn. Not real thrilled about that part, but it's a small price to pay to keep them happy outside and out of my hair. This is Oregon, and we get so little sun that when it is nice days and they can enjoy some time outside, I'd rather have them riding around where I can see them, than in some sort of trouble.

So, the little girl had been warned, "Leave your bike laying out on the driveway and any of the neighbors can run it over." Of course, I don't know quite how that conversation went, I can't really quote. But I am sure there was optimum whining involved and ear piercing shreikability.

And, today she got it. Crunch. I wonder if she learned her lesson.
This made me ponder a bit though. I am not in 100% agreement that this was at all an effective means to an end. The end being a learned lesson. Seems a bit mean, even for my taste, when I am all about telling it like it is and really letting the kiddo learn the hard way. Make an impact, hitem' where it hurts, so that won't happen again. Still, seems a bit rough.

What would you do, as far as preventative punishment and what would you do if you were the neighbor approaching a tempting, permission granted, free range bike to crunch, mmm, seems kina fun!

First, I would just give one warning and if I caught that bike laying around, I would take it away for a month, hang it up just out of reach where the kid can't get it, but could plainly see it as a painful reminder, hitting the kid where it hurts.

Second, as the neighbor, I would stop the car, get up off my lazy butt, step out of the car and simply move the bike aside. I'd then tell the family what the bike was left laying out.

Badda Boom, Badda Bing, cha-ching. Squishing the bike only punishes the parents further when they have to fork over some duggits to get a new bike! Even if it's taken from allowance, the kid is not old enough to work, so it's still the parents' money lost......

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Spare Tires and Diets

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Spare Tires and Diets
Sitting at my desk a lot, I have been tenderizing my middle. More to love, ha ha. Not only have I noticed the unwelcome spare tire, I have taken action to deflate it!

I personally find it a lot easier to diet when you enjoy what you put in your mouth. (easy tiger) That is probably a good rule of thumb anyway, as long as your thumb is not what you're sucking on. (there I go again) That kind of protein has nothing to do with my kind of diet. Although, if mamma got some action, that would be great exercise!

I start with tea. I love tea. (see, now we are back to the topic at hand, dieting!) Drinking tea, even herbal, non-caffeinated tea, anytime throughout the day is a great way to get my daily water intake. Our bodies need a lot of water for our own health anyway, and the waters serves to shed/melt some of the poundage away. I keep a healthy stock of many varieties of tea to choose from and that is a great start to my days and a great way to wrap up the evening.

Next, I absolutely love fruits and vegetables! I can never get enough. I put fruit on my salads and vice-verca. Celery is great in fruit salad, as far as I am concerned and carrots too. There are so many ways to mix and match fruits with vegetables to make a great snack to tide your cravings or create an entire meal with fruits and vegetables.

Don't get me wrong, I am no vegetarian or vegan. I loves me the dead cows and dead poultry! This kind of protein is an excellent addition to the diet to help built muscle, strength, endurance and therefore helping your body to better shed the fat.

Occasionally, I have tried a few diet pills. They work, but believe it or not, I am better disciplined at simply eating better than remembering to take the darn pill each day, or at the appropriate time several times a day. I don't mind the pills, since they are an added bonus to the regimen; I just happen to not be using any diet pills at the moment.

I fall off the diet every now and then. I guess it's because I never really consider what I am doing a 'diet' anyway. It's just my style of eating and my choice what I stuff my face with. If I allow myself to accidentally keep thinking of healthy eating as a diet, I won't enjoy it and I will naturally feel restricted. If you are going to restrict me, I'll be hell bent on breaking the rules. This brings me all the way back, full circle to the beginning.

I just choose to love what I eat and I choose to eat the yummy healthy goodies.
OK, excuse me now, I must prepare a spinach salad with almonds, mandarin oranges, celery, carrots, chunks of tofu, currants, cabbage, sprouts, boiled chicken and a delicious raspberry/vinaigrette dressing! Yay me!
(the image is not my salad, I googled)

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Homey Tip - Clean your cobwebs ASAP

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Homey Tip - Clean your cobwebs ASAP
Excellent! I love learning something new everyday, but today's lesson leaves me squeamish. I hate spiders.

I was listening to the t.v. in the background while surfing (for cash, ptc sites, see my blogon traffic blog)...anyhoo and the 'Verminators' was on the boob tube. The dude was cleaning out an infest
ation of Black Widow spiders around a lady's horsie barn. As he cleaned, he was giving the lady helpful hints of advice. The best part was when he so casually told her the best defense against infestation is simply, "Housecleaning." ha ha.
Anyway, the thing I learned is that he mentioned, spiders only eat in their web, when and if they have a web. So, if you just keep knocking the webs down, by the time they build a new home, the spiders will starve to death. Makes perfect sense. I just never put the two together before!

Ok, now that I mentioned I was listening to the t.v. in the background, that got my wheels spinning. The t.v. is literally behind me. Every time I want to check it out when something catches my ear, I have to turn around. So, aha! I have a nice big L shape desk. I am just going to re-configure this all a bit and make the set up more user friendly, or is this lazy friendly! I'll attach before and after in a bit.
Well, hell. Don't know what happened to my before and after pics. OK, so I can just take an big whoop. Here we go: