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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Rain or shine, cycling again

5:30 a.m. and a howling fat cat named Peanut has the nerve to wake this fat grumpy bear. The sun is about to rise and he is anxious to get outside and look for his brother.

I waste just a quick second to stretch, curse the cat and remember Whitey fondly. Now, I get my ass up for coffee and I'm going to hit the road cy
cling again.
(update: i'm going later. I just stepped outside and heard a couple cars. was hoping to beat some morning cars, but it's 6:45 and they're already on the road. there's a couple very narrow stretches I'd rather not navigate between rain and cars. that's my 'excuse.')

The last couple days have been all about ice cream. This ride is going to be brutal, in more ways than one. I feel heavier and it is raining out. I'll think a quick prayer that the rains stop, just for me. If I get soaked to the bone riding, I'll be that much heavier.

Just like those damn nike commercials, just do it, right?

Surfing for new news while downing some quick coffee, I find another refere
nce to the 'just do it', from FoxNews.com. Here's a fun article about a married couple in Colorado that wrote a book about their challenge to 'just do it' for 101 days. I've been alone for about 13 years. How many days is that? You have just had a peek, or a revealing hint, into my little piece of the world!
(top image: i googled 'bike in the rain' and this was a winner)

'Peanut', damn cat. SLEEP IN next time, pesky varmint

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