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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Cycling my spare tire

6:30a.m., beautiful morning, & I'm about to go cycling for a few miles. Earlier I posted that my middle has been tenderized lately and I am doing something about it. Well, in order for me not to be a liar, I had better exercise!

Yesterday was long walk day with the dog. That didn't go over so well, you can read that here on my blog: Blogon Dog! And other days I walk to the store and back as much as possible. Many mini trips with the back pack means less big stocking up later, but I think I would save more money if I did a big stock up. That's overdue. What's worse; save some green or shed some fat? I need both.

Just need to finish this hot coffee, get some supplements in me and I am off on my cycling trip. Oh, I should bring the camera! You never know when you'll spot a Bald Eagle around here. Last year there was one circling above our yard. I was so hoping it was checking us out to make a new home. Wouldn't that be neat. I guess it passed on us because too many cats!

Feeling a little self conscience about my ride, but I know that is just silly. I don't have the proper attire, but maybe that's a good thing. We are just country bumpkins. No need to get all decked out. But I'll be riding in jeans! Who cares?
I just wish with this latest gas crisis and economy, more people were out riding. I'm giong to look and feel a little lonely out on that road. Ok, stop dwelling and JUST DO IT! (a little more coffee helps me procrastonate)

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