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Monday, August 11, 2008

Flat Cycle

Speaking of grabbing . . . (previous post-money highway)
My daughter tells me the next door neighbor's little girl's bike has just been ran over and squished. And, the story gets better!
(googled 'ran over bike' and this was first image. Original news story of a Portland bicyclist ran over and killed. Eeww, sad, and is that remnants of her on the road?)

The younger, little sister of my daughter's friend next door has been kina getting on our nerves lately. She's a whiner, tattletale, and tattles about nonsense stories she makes up to get attention, and just all around a baby of a girl that (apparently) has her mother either wrapped around her little finger or the mom is just plain duped.

This little girl constantly wants to tag along with the older girls, my daughter and the little girl's big sis. Fine, natural enough, normal adolescence. The older girls play with her plenty, everyday and since I am just right next door and work from home and have 4 huge picture windows, essentially the entire face of my house is all window looking out across the 3acre parcel........I see it all.

The girls are always accommodating and often come in to my house to play nintendo in my daughter's room or to watch the latest Jonas Brothers, SpongeBob, Hannah Montana, or whatever mind numbing silliness is on that they just "Ah gasp, HAVE to see!"

OK, ya, my kid has her own t.v. and cable in her room. So spank me already. She is almost 13 and she has earned it. My daughter gets nothing handed to her. She has regular chores, she is whipped into shape (figuratively) and she minds her ps and qs, whatever that means. Besides, we have been struggling the past few years and she knows the value of a dollar and the value of what little luxuries she has.

Anyway, back on topic. My daughter came in the door a bit ago and told me, "XXXX's bike just got ran over."
Well, now at least she has something real to whine about! Yes, I giggled a bit. I asked my daughter, "How could someone NOT see a bike as they are approaching?" My daughter told me that the little girl's dad told the neighbors that it is ok to run over the bike(s) if the kids leave them in the way. (A few of us neighbors share a long gravel driveway) The driveway is a slant and the kids love to go up and down and flying around and come whizzing down the driveway fast. I am at the bottom, furthest in, at the end, with 3 acres of open pasture, lawn and trees. The kids come flying down and ride all around my lawn. Not real thrilled about that part, but it's a small price to pay to keep them happy outside and out of my hair. This is Oregon, and we get so little sun that when it is nice days and they can enjoy some time outside, I'd rather have them riding around where I can see them, than in some sort of trouble.

So, the little girl had been warned, "Leave your bike laying out on the driveway and any of the neighbors can run it over." Of course, I don't know quite how that conversation went, I can't really quote. But I am sure there was optimum whining involved and ear piercing shreikability.

And, today she got it. Crunch. I wonder if she learned her lesson.
This made me ponder a bit though. I am not in 100% agreement that this was at all an effective means to an end. The end being a learned lesson. Seems a bit mean, even for my taste, when I am all about telling it like it is and really letting the kiddo learn the hard way. Make an impact, hitem' where it hurts, so that won't happen again. Still, seems a bit rough.

What would you do, as far as preventative punishment and what would you do if you were the neighbor approaching a tempting, permission granted, free range bike to crunch, mmm, seems kina fun!

First, I would just give one warning and if I caught that bike laying around, I would take it away for a month, hang it up just out of reach where the kid can't get it, but could plainly see it as a painful reminder, hitting the kid where it hurts.

Second, as the neighbor, I would stop the car, get up off my lazy butt, step out of the car and simply move the bike aside. I'd then tell the family what the bike was left laying out.

Badda Boom, Badda Bing, cha-ching. Squishing the bike only punishes the parents further when they have to fork over some duggits to get a new bike! Even if it's taken from allowance, the kid is not old enough to work, so it's still the parents' money lost......

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