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Monday, August 11, 2008

Animal Behavior, while Elizabeth & the kids are Human

Have been flip-flopping if I was going to touch this one with a ten foot pole. It's all over the news anyway. But as I watch more and more, for instance, I was watching the latest on O'Reilly, I get so peeved at this jackass, you know the latest jerk, Edwards.

Forget Character! Way past scumbag, collected more than $200, said go go go outta one side of your jackass mouth while saying no no no out the other.

Doesn't it plainly reveal that he lost all common sense and therefore any ability to make sound judgement?! Hello! Getting caught up in the oldest scheme of all humanity, sex scandal, having no control over pleasures of the flesh.

Not shouting from a high and righteous soap box stuffed with bibles, no, here's my point. Anyone with 1/2 a brain would know in this day and age, it is BOUND to come out. No matter how much filthy, dirty money you throw at it, your filthy, slutty secret is going to come out.

How could a Presidential candidate make such an err in judgement? Here's how; 'he' didn't make that judgement call at all, his pecker did. That little part of his primordial pea brain kicked in when his kickstand was up and he dipped his pen in the campaign trail, I mean tail.

What a hussy floozey bag of a chic. If she was in it for a butt load of money from the beginning, she's a brilliant little bitch. If she was in it just to suck on some horse-tooth, $400 hair cut, misogynistic blow-hard, well, then they deserve each other.

She got her blow-hard and he got his blown hard, I am quite sure.

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