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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Homey Tip - Clean your cobwebs ASAP

Excellent! I love learning something new everyday, but today's lesson leaves me squeamish. I hate spiders.

I was listening to the t.v. in the background while surfing (for cash, ptc sites, see my blogon traffic blog)...anyhoo and the 'Verminators' was on the boob tube. The dude was cleaning out an infest
ation of Black Widow spiders around a lady's horsie barn. As he cleaned, he was giving the lady helpful hints of advice. The best part was when he so casually told her the best defense against infestation is simply, "Housecleaning." ha ha.
Anyway, the thing I learned is that he mentioned, spiders only eat in their web, when and if they have a web. So, if you just keep knocking the webs down, by the time they build a new home, the spiders will starve to death. Makes perfect sense. I just never put the two together before!

Ok, now that I mentioned I was listening to the t.v. in the background, that got my wheels spinning. The t.v. is literally behind me. Every time I want to check it out when something catches my ear, I have to turn around. So, aha! I have a nice big L shape desk. I am just going to re-configure this all a bit and make the set up more user friendly, or is this lazy friendly! I'll attach before and after in a bit.
Well, hell. Don't know what happened to my before and after pics. OK, so I can just take an after...no big whoop. Here we go:

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