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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Kitty go bye bye

Whitey has been gone a couple days now. Not long for a cat, but not the norm for our Whitester.

Yesterday, I blogged on 'down, write blog' about Whitey being gone just over 24hrs. Well, now it's been just over a couple days and no sign of him.

Part of me doesn't want to worry yet. Part of me wants to think he's still ok, but someone else must have him because he is so lovey and friendly. But the realistic part of me knows he would not stay more than a couple hours in someone else's house. He's all about the outdoors. He comes in to eat, but then he's the kind of cat that paws at the blinds and mow-mows real loud, yelling at you to let him back out.

If someone took a liking to him, he would be easy to befriend and keep around at a new house, especially if they are spoiling him with some canned kibble bits. But I thought Whitey was so loyal to us. We have his brother and mamma cat, and the brothers were practically inseparable!

Something tells my gut that he is gone, maybe squished or a dog got to him. I'll keep looking for a while, but yesterday's search turned up no body nor any hint of him around. Come home Whitey, we miss you!

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