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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Morning cycle update

This morning I went cycling. I almost said I went for a long bike ride, but it wasn't' that long, about 4 miles. It felt like a long ride though, because I am a bit out of shape. Moreso endurance and not so much fattyfat.

I brought the camera to hopefully catch some great shots along the way. About 5 minutes along the road, I approached a fawn, aww how cute. I stop, actually, the little bugger let me stop pretty close to the flea bit mongrel. I crept up closer, closer, ok, this is good. I turn to zip open the pouch on the bike and I was close enough that the sound of the zipper startled it.

Across the road, his twin! We made eye contact and I hurried up to grab the camera and the little bastard went springy springin across that road so fast to catch up to it's sibling. Would have made a cute pick or video, but they were too fast. I wonder where their mamma is. Maybe she's just chilling back at the house on the bbq, wouldn't that be nice! Here, I got it all ready, hop on, cook yourself! Would you mind plucking your ticks first, I don't like those bite size morsels.

Next along my route was a beautiful shot of the morning sun through the Oregon trees, well hell, I see that everyday, didn't bother to stop and take a pick, just soaked it all in. Never spotted any Bald Eagle and never stopped to take any pics. OK, no nice pics to share on this post.

I'll ride again tomorrow, since I am on a roll, ha ha. And I'll bring back some great shots. Oh, by the way, the 4 mile ride took me 1 hour. About 1/4 of it, I had to hop off and walk because of all the hills we live on and around. It wasn't an easy ride, but it was fun enough for me to go it again.

I passed out on the couch for a couple hours when I got home, but I feel healthier.
(I googled 'twin fawns' and grabbed that image)

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