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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Spare Tires and Diets

Sitting at my desk a lot, I have been tenderizing my middle. More to love, ha ha. Not only have I noticed the unwelcome spare tire, I have taken action to deflate it!

I personally find it a lot easier to diet when you enjoy what you put in your mouth. (easy tiger) That is probably a good rule of thumb anyway, as long as your thumb is not what you're sucking on. (there I go again) That kind of protein has nothing to do with my kind of diet. Although, if mamma got some action, that would be great exercise!

I start with tea. I love tea. (see, now we are back to the topic at hand, dieting!) Drinking tea, even herbal, non-caffeinated tea, anytime throughout the day is a great way to get my daily water intake. Our bodies need a lot of water for our own health anyway, and the waters serves to shed/melt some of the poundage away. I keep a healthy stock of many varieties of tea to choose from and that is a great start to my days and a great way to wrap up the evening.

Next, I absolutely love fruits and vegetables! I can never get enough. I put fruit on my salads and vice-verca. Celery is great in fruit salad, as far as I am concerned and carrots too. There are so many ways to mix and match fruits with vegetables to make a great snack to tide your cravings or create an entire meal with fruits and vegetables.

Don't get me wrong, I am no vegetarian or vegan. I loves me the dead cows and dead poultry! This kind of protein is an excellent addition to the diet to help built muscle, strength, endurance and therefore helping your body to better shed the fat.

Occasionally, I have tried a few diet pills. They work, but believe it or not, I am better disciplined at simply eating better than remembering to take the darn pill each day, or at the appropriate time several times a day. I don't mind the pills, since they are an added bonus to the regimen; I just happen to not be using any diet pills at the moment.

I fall off the diet every now and then. I guess it's because I never really consider what I am doing a 'diet' anyway. It's just my style of eating and my choice what I stuff my face with. If I allow myself to accidentally keep thinking of healthy eating as a diet, I won't enjoy it and I will naturally feel restricted. If you are going to restrict me, I'll be hell bent on breaking the rules. This brings me all the way back, full circle to the beginning.

I just choose to love what I eat and I choose to eat the yummy healthy goodies.
OK, excuse me now, I must prepare a spinach salad with almonds, mandarin oranges, celery, carrots, chunks of tofu, currants, cabbage, sprouts, boiled chicken and a delicious raspberry/vinaigrette dressing! Yay me!
(the image is not my salad, I googled)

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