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Monday, August 11, 2008

Tomatoes and doggy toes

How many branches does it take a tomato plant to grow fruit?

Umpteen, I guess. My tomato plant looks plenty big enough, but no red in sight yet.
This is a first for me. I always have wonderful success with tomatoes, more than I can manage. But I think this plant is a dud.

In front of the tomatoes, are watermelon, roses, a bird-crap sapling of an evergreen and flowers. yadda yadda

Petey is on the porch soaking up some sunshine and keeping watch on my planted pretties. Looks like he's due for another shave today. Look at the bottom of his footsies. Even the hair between his toes grows out.

It's a pekingese thing. Let it grow, and the hair will just get longer and longer.
We used to keep him long-haired, but only the first few months we had him. It's tougher on him than us. The long hair is only miserable for him. He really loves his fresh cuts and he romps all around with absolute delight after I clip him!

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