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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Rat food donut bait

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Rat food donut bait
The last time I looked at the schedule, I had 3 days off in a row: Sun, Mon, Tue.

When I was hired, of course that was one of the first things I asked my new boss-lady.
that sounds like a derogatory pet-name, but she's awesome and you can't hear my cutsie tone, ha ha If I didn't like her, I'd call her bossy-bitch, as in this previous post from a previous job)

Anyhoo, I digress.

That was what I saw on the schedule last time I checked, last time before last night that is. Hmmm, gee, suddenly it's changed. Isn't that juuuuust like a new job to bait and switch the new bitch. Whatever, fine, I got an extra day in there so I could use the extra money, only now, I have split days off, bummer for the sucker new girl. &^%$#@ That's what I get for settling for a stupid name-tag job.

Like I've said in previous posts, and I have to keep reminding myself and appreciate, hey, it's p/t hours that affords me more time at home with my kiddo and it's even great benefits at p/t hours, and that is a great value that is hard to come by.

Any dirt happen on the job last night that I can blog about? A little, here's the chit.

We were closing up shop (the deli) and the 3 of us ended up huddled over in a far corner, hovering over the sink, deciding what we were going to do for the very last task before we can head out the door. We were kina stalling a minute, deciding if we were going to just leave the dirty mop as usual, just wrung out to dry, or take a nice proactive stance and soak it overnight in a bleach bucket.....we decided to grab a bucket and get it all freshie, it would only take a couple extra minutes anyway.

I look over to my right at the rack to see if there is a bucket to grab, and I was at just the right angle to see a sweet surprise under the rack, on the floor. I say, "Ooh, cool, rat food." And the other 2 girls say, "Huh?" So I point under the rack. And I added this juicy bit, "I know exactly what those are from and how they got there." Both girls look at me, curious, of course. Inside, I begin to regret even opening my mouth about this.

I started it, so I had to finish it(damn). I continue with the big reveal, "Well, it was my first or second day, and we were really busy back here, everyone was either busy at the counter or just buzzing around doing something. I walked back to the fryer and I saw that an entire box of those donuts was aaaallll over the floor, a lot of them, I mean, donuts everywhere. 'so-n-so & whats-her-name' were scrambling to pick them all up before anyone notices. They were looking fast and furious at the counter to see if customers caught it and then they both saw that I totally saw the whole thing. They both stopped and looked at me like, "Oh, she's the new girl, what is she going to do?
I just kept on walking and didn't really acknowledge that they even looked at me and I certainly wasn't going to say anything being so new. I didn't want to be a little tattle-tale. But they were really scrambling to pick all those donuts up fast."

Both the girls last night were HORRIFIED! Their faces were priceless! I told them, "I wasn't sure if that was the 'norm' around here, like a 5 second rule or something. " They said it is not the 'norm' and that it was really GROSS.

I ended it by adding, "Well, don't quote me on all that. I mean, yes, I saw them scrambling to pick up the donuts, but for all I know, they were scrambling to throw them away. I mean, I don't honestly know what they did with them. I don't want to get anyone in trouble. I just thought it was funny, spotting those 2 missed donuts under the rack and it was the same donuts."

They just walked away in silence and we all went to punch out.
Crap, why'd I have to even say anything. Now I feel bad. But you know what? I'm never eating a donut from that bakery that I don't know first hand exactly where it came from! ha ha

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Crazytown USA

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Crazytown USA
I must have the WORST instincts and the best knack for getting into drama. Albeit accidentally. I am officially no longer attracted to, even remotely, semi or even the slightest bit attracted to mr. mechanic.
The chit has hit the crazy fan.

Yesterday was my first day on a new job (outside of home), but that's a different story. I was pretty pooped when I got home so I crashed on the couch. My kiddo got home from school and I was still in a bit of a daze. (only working p/t, thank goodness) There was a knock at the door and I heard my daughter talking to a lady.

I got myself up and looked at the lady standing there with my daughter, looked at my daughter and kina shook my head as if "it's go time" and sprung into reality.

She asked if she could come in and 'visit.' I recognized her, but I wasn't sure what from. I thought she was a neighbor, so I said, "Sure, come on in. Forgive me, I just started a new job today and dozed off on the couch." She came in and sat down.

I said, "I recognize you, but I am not sure why, sorry, how do I know you?" She said, "I am Chris' wife, the mechanic." DUt DU DUMMMMMM

She looked really pathetic and upset, no wonder she wanted to visit, I know that they are going through some stuff right now. But also, knowing in my heart that I personally have NEVER crossed any line, other than some dumb secret crush that I harbored for this guy and nothing has ever come of it.

She told me she knew there was or is another woman and she just wanted to come over here and ask me straight up if I am the other woman. I wasn't surprised at all and I thought that was pretty cool of her to be ballsy enough to come over here.

I told her, "No, absolutely not and I wish I could say some magic words to help you instantly believe me, but you don't know me at all and all I can do is tell you, for sure, there is nothing going on. I want to be totally honest with you, because no matter what, no matter what happens or what you guys are going through, honesty is always the best policy in any situation, so I want to add something further that I think you should know, but it will help, I think." I went on to tell her more.

Chris told me a while back that he is going through a divorce, and I have been going through some depression and hulled up here in my house. I have snapped out of it, so I have been visiting with Chris more lately. I just started back to a p/t job, that will get me out of the house, but the last couple or three weeks, I have been a little more friendly with Chris.
I want you to know, Chris does not cross any lines, it is as if he was even kina irritated that I tried to visit with him anyway. He really wants to honor his marriage as long as he is still legally married, so that's a good thing.

She asked me if I know if there is another woman and she told me she has heard from other mutual friends of theirs that he has been caught around town with a woman with long black hair (like me!) That's why she thought it was me.

I told her, "Yes, there has been another woman around here once in a while. She does have long brunette or black hair, like both of us." Funny, all 3 of us look very similar!

I told her that Chris did even bring up the subject sometimes, that Chris talked openly about that other lady. Chris said that she is a friend that WANTS more and is pushing or pressuring him for more but that Chris backed way off from even hanging out with her and called it off with her because that is the last thing he wants or needs right now. He told me that all he wanted was a friend to hang out with while he was going through this divorce and he didn't need to be pressured.

I told the wife, "Since Chris told me a few weeks ago that he wanted to really back away from that other lady, I haven't seen her around hardly at all. Even when she was here, I never saw her go into the autoshop, she absolutely never stayed the night and he is staying at the shop nearly every night, alone, so I really believe he is just trying to handle this transition alone.

Anyway, then the wife started chiming in with her side of the story, and I began to feel very very uncomfortable. Her side of things were so different than the way Chris portrays them, and the way she describes him. I told her I was absolutely shocked. I told her I have never seen that side of Chris, I only know him as very kind and generous man that just happens to be going through a hard time right now.

She proceeded to tell me why they are going through a divorce and she had terrible, crazy, scary accusations! After I got an earful from her, I really wished I had told her at the door, "Look, I don't want to get in the middle of anything."
I am just too damn chatty and "trying" to be friendly to all sides I guess, stupid.

After about an hour I guess, Chris knocks on my door and it was very awkward, but I invited him in and even offered to them that I would leave so they can sit and talk a while. They didn't want that, but Chris took off.

The wife left and Chris showed back up at the property. He called my cell phone as soon as he walked into the auto shop here on the property. He wanted me to come over and fill him in on everything she told me.

I told him, "Bottom line, I really don't like being in the middle of this, but I am worried about you and so I am somewhat involved." I told him all the horrible things she said and he said she makes stuff up, bla bla bla. He gave me an earful about so many details of so many drama stories I can't keep it all straight, nor do I want to waste any of my energy on that.

After a few minutes of him talking REALLY FAST and him trying to fill me in on SO MANY DETAILS of some of their drama over the years, I had to interrupt, "Look, why do you feel compelled to tell me any of this? These are all just DETAILS, that are NONE of my business, I don't want anything to do with this. All I want is for you to BE OK. It just looks to me like some major chit is going down, you guys are going through marital changes, all marriages have an ebb and flow and you either decide to ride it out and come out shining or you have some other decisions to make."

He started to go on about more details and I just stopped him again and told him I am really kina overwhelmed with all this, it's NONE of my business and bottom line, I knew you first before her, I know the Chris I got to know, I have never seen the Chris she portrayed. I am worried about my friend, the Chris I know and if you need to talk again later, let me know, but tonight I simply can't even digest anymore.

Then, today, just a bit ago, I got a 'not so nice' voice mail from Chris. I called him back. I told him, "Basically, I really don't want to be in the middle. All I really should have done was told her at the door that I don't want to talk about anything, I never should have visited or talked about any of this. I just felt like I was lending an ear and offering honest input."
Chris said he thought I was being 2-faced and he said that I was friends with him first, bla bla bla.

It was an uncomfortable and awful phone call, but it ended well. I told Chris I was sorry for anything that I accidental did to make him feel betrayed, but to please believe me that I in NO WAY went out of my way to try and get him in trouble, or try to take any side. She was there, she wanted to come in and visit...I told him that I was sorry I ever let her in the door.

He said things are so crazy now, that he got a restraining order against her. He said that after talking to me, (and filling my head with all her crazy stories), Chris said that she has gone around to so many of their mutual friends trying to get people to believe all this crazy stuff, that Chris said some people have kicked her out of their house and after that was when he got the restraining order.

I told him I'd never talk to her again. I told him I don't know, or want to know, exactly what's going on, but that I am sorry for any hurt I caused him because he has been nothing but very nice and generous to me and helping me with my car! He said OK, and that things are ok with us now and he accepts my apology.

I kina wish he would apologize to me too, he also pulled me into this a bit, it wasn't all her and none of this drama is my fault. It's not MY messy divorce!

I hate drama drama drama
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