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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Rat food donut bait

The last time I looked at the schedule, I had 3 days off in a row: Sun, Mon, Tue.

When I was hired, of course that was one of the first things I asked my new boss-lady.
that sounds like a derogatory pet-name, but she's awesome and you can't hear my cutsie tone, ha ha If I didn't like her, I'd call her bossy-bitch, as in this previous post from a previous job)

Anyhoo, I digress.

That was what I saw on the schedule last time I checked, last time before last night that is. Hmmm, gee, suddenly it's changed. Isn't that juuuuust like a new job to bait and switch the new bitch. Whatever, fine, I got an extra day in there so I could use the extra money, only now, I have split days off, bummer for the sucker new girl. &^%$#@ That's what I get for settling for a stupid name-tag job.

Like I've said in previous posts, and I have to keep reminding myself and appreciate, hey, it's p/t hours that affords me more time at home with my kiddo and it's even great benefits at p/t hours, and that is a great value that is hard to come by.

Any dirt happen on the job last night that I can blog about? A little, here's the chit.

We were closing up shop (the deli) and the 3 of us ended up huddled over in a far corner, hovering over the sink, deciding what we were going to do for the very last task before we can head out the door. We were kina stalling a minute, deciding if we were going to just leave the dirty mop as usual, just wrung out to dry, or take a nice proactive stance and soak it overnight in a bleach bucket.....we decided to grab a bucket and get it all freshie, it would only take a couple extra minutes anyway.

I look over to my right at the rack to see if there is a bucket to grab, and I was at just the right angle to see a sweet surprise under the rack, on the floor. I say, "Ooh, cool, rat food." And the other 2 girls say, "Huh?" So I point under the rack. And I added this juicy bit, "I know exactly what those are from and how they got there." Both girls look at me, curious, of course. Inside, I begin to regret even opening my mouth about this.

I started it, so I had to finish it(damn). I continue with the big reveal, "Well, it was my first or second day, and we were really busy back here, everyone was either busy at the counter or just buzzing around doing something. I walked back to the fryer and I saw that an entire box of those donuts was aaaallll over the floor, a lot of them, I mean, donuts everywhere. 'so-n-so & whats-her-name' were scrambling to pick them all up before anyone notices. They were looking fast and furious at the counter to see if customers caught it and then they both saw that I totally saw the whole thing. They both stopped and looked at me like, "Oh, she's the new girl, what is she going to do?
I just kept on walking and didn't really acknowledge that they even looked at me and I certainly wasn't going to say anything being so new. I didn't want to be a little tattle-tale. But they were really scrambling to pick all those donuts up fast."

Both the girls last night were HORRIFIED! Their faces were priceless! I told them, "I wasn't sure if that was the 'norm' around here, like a 5 second rule or something. " They said it is not the 'norm' and that it was really GROSS.

I ended it by adding, "Well, don't quote me on all that. I mean, yes, I saw them scrambling to pick up the donuts, but for all I know, they were scrambling to throw them away. I mean, I don't honestly know what they did with them. I don't want to get anyone in trouble. I just thought it was funny, spotting those 2 missed donuts under the rack and it was the same donuts."

They just walked away in silence and we all went to punch out.
Crap, why'd I have to even say anything. Now I feel bad. But you know what? I'm never eating a donut from that bakery that I don't know first hand exactly where it came from! ha ha

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