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Monday, November 10, 2008

The Holidays approaching, a new life and even more to celebrate!

My Grandparents eloped after a few months, let's just say, less than a year.

My Grandmother, Phyllis, told me this story after Grampa passed, something I had never heard before, and if I remember correctly, something, she said, she had not spoke of while Grampa was here. It was something special between the two of them, this story of how they met, fell in love, were inseparable and then eloped.

My Grandfather, Joaquin Marshall Falcon was a butcher in a grocery store and one day he looked up and saw the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, my Grandmother. Instantly, in that moment, the voice of an angel whispered in Grandpa's ear, "This is the woman you are to marry."

Grandma told me that Grandpa told her that he heard the voice as clear as someone was standing right next to him there at the store. They met, fell in love, met each other's parents and eloped.

Grandma and Grandpa Falcon were always The quintessential example of what I dreamed a happy couple is all about. They walked through life together with sheer joy, never aired their dirty laundry in public and were hands-on, all about the well being of the grandchildren and healthy family living. Unfortunately, not every generation can pull that off.

Only True Love can pull that off and pull life together in all the right places and all the right timing.

If you are a regular reader, you may have noticed I deleted a couple recent posts. I was expressing doubts about my new guy - my guy I met in the grocery store as I worked on the other side of that counter, much as Grandpa did. Reading too much into it? Perhaps, but my guy and I have to admit to ourselves and we have expressed to each other now, that we are inseparable.

The doubts I was having were all my own. I had typed something to the effect that since I was so happy now, I am having the feeling that I'd like to date around more, since I have hardly dated in all these years, this new revived feeling is making me just want to go out and have FUN!

I took a week off from Mr.New Guy - My Mel, that's right, I can put it all out there now, his real name and all our sappy happy-ness :-) After about a week, I called him just to touch base, and as soon as I heard his voice, I realized just how much I missed him, I was hooked. It was a few more days before we made plans to see each other again, but when we saw each other, it was definitely mutual.

My daughter likes him, he likes her, he is fine with all our critter pets, we're moving together to a cheap rental and now we are scouting around for our dream home and acreage to buy! YAY We're going to breed more horses, farm the land and he's definitely keeping his great job he's got a good gig going at the local lumber mill. Benefits, 401k, job security.

Our first glance is at a great 18acre place just about 3miles away that is all set with a huge barn and indoor arena, beautiful 2 story farmhouse. We can board horses to the public and breed and I can run the show. Still a bit of a dream, but it's so fun that he's dreaming out loud of great ideas too - we are both on the same page.

My daughter and I are in a 1 bedroom place right now, and the downstairs, full basement, 3 bedroom unit is opening up Dec 1st, so I made the call today to the landlord and he said, "Done deal." Landlord is happy because he doesn't have to advertise, he knows me as a tenant already and we're happy to rent there for a while until we lock in the perfect buying scenario.

Sure, it's a rush, we know it sounds crazy to everyone else, no matter how you slice it, but we both have been alone a very long time and when you know, you know. Mel has been alone because he knew he just didn't meet "the one" yet.....until one day he saw me in the store and he knew I was the girl for him. He told me he used to just hover around the produce area watching me at work - hmmm, that sounds a little creepy typing that out loud. But it's mutual. From the day I first met my Mel, I found myself looking forward to this guy cruising by the deli again and again. Mel is 49 and I am 39, we both feel that we are too old to be playing boyfriend/girlfriend, we just want to be together everyday and we are so ready for the good family life.

I am leaving that stinking ole stupid deli job - and Mel said I get to do whatever I want. He said he knows from watching me that I'm a hard worker and I'll accomplish whatever I set my mind to and we'll make it all work.

Best part of all, lil ole 39yr old me is finally getting married! We both agree we want to be married, but I'm not mentioning anymore about it, or pushing anything, because Mel is very romantic and I have a feeling it will be best if I leave the plans and proposal to him, I am sure he wants to have something very special planned for me. He knows I have never been married.

After dinner tonight, Mel went home, out to his little place way out in the woods about 10 miles from town, and we miss each other already. 1, . . 2, . . .3, . . altogether now, . . . B A R F :-)

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