Awesome, Sat Nov 15th is my last day! - @FalconSays

Friday, November 14, 2008

Awesome, Sat Nov 15th is my last day!

All considered, it's been a pretty good night.

Walked into the deli thinking I am nearing my end of days and I glance at the schedule to see how next week is shaping up and there is a long line across the week thru my name. Cool - I'm off the hook.

There's a note taped up to me from deli boss-lady: "Karen, covered your last week's shifts. Take Care" (bla bla, something to that effect)

When I got home, I enjoyed this hilarious video,

While at the deli tonight, it was another dead night. At least I got to work with sweet little whipper-snapper Erica. I told her I felt sick, I'd better go. She wasn't buyin it. I told her, "OH uh oh uhg, I threw my back out, I better go." She wouldn't take the bait. I told her straight up, "Look, it's costing the deli money, me being here, it's so dead." She wouldn't let me go. She loves me! :-)

Ah well, best I stayed anyhoo. My kid is out tonight with her friends and my guy hit the hay early cuz he's getting up at 2am to go hunting. ELK, yum.

I love this video, enjoy. Watch the whole thing!


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