Now that's a slice of time out of my life I'll never get back. - @FalconSays

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Now that's a slice of time out of my life I'll never get back.

Last night I bailed out of the deli early.
It was very slow throughout the store and there was about 1 customer every half-hour at the deli.

I wonder how many patrons caught us standing around picking our nose over their food. JK of course, maybe, you'll never know. I'm OUTTA there maaaan.

Following my horror story of the deli-drama? I haven't caught the masses up lately, there's been just so much that by the time I get home, I'd rather live a normal life than re-live all the BS that goes on there, but it's goooood and stuuuuupid. Some people (cough: lame chic with no tact) need to get a clue and get a life!

Going back a few weeks, when the latest confrontation with shrunkenapplehead beeyotch went down, I have just been going in, doing my (lame) job, keeping my mouth shut and keeping to myself. I'm doing my job man, not stirring up shit and I'm a hard worker, what can go wrong? Apparently, just doing your job isn't good enough. I am also earning that paycheck by being (forced) to be a 'personality' with my fellow team and "get along by 'visiting'. What thuh? I exaggerate, no one came out and told me that, but it was implied.

A few weeks of me keeping my mouth shut, except being pleasant and fabulously SUPER to the customers (ha ha), and just 'doing my job', I get called back to the office along with gnarly-wrinkly-shrunkenapplehead chic. We all march back there and we go in and take a seat. The evening super asked us what the hell was going on, that she felt "blind-sided" by this sudden change of atmosphere in the deli. I responded that hey, I'm just doing my job man. I come in, I do my job and I go home. Bla Bla Bla, you can just imagine where this was all going about how we all need to get along.......
"So, I am supposed to pull fake conversation out of thin air and pretend to like a person rather than just focus on my job? Not everyone else is all talking. _ _ _ _ just stands over there focusing on making her cakes......"

"Yes, but you don't even say Boo to her."

"Why should I? I'm not here to be friends with her."

"Yes, but you should be cordial."

"Hey, it goes both ways. I come in, I say aloud a blanket Hello to all as I come into the deli and she ignores that too and doesn't respond - but the difference is - I couldn't care LESS. If someone doesn't like me, doesn't want to talk to me, doesn't want to be friends with me, I DON'T CARE AT ALL."

To all this, shrunkenapplehead sat and looked amazed, then she chimes in, "Is that normal?"
To which, thank G-D the super agreed and had to remind her, "Yes, L_ _a, not everyone has to be your friend."

She's the type of person that just DOESN'T GET IT. She is so loud, annoying, nosey, intrusive, drama and NEEDY that if you're not her friend or acting like part of her fricking gang then it BOGGLES HER MIND that someone would choose to not talk to her.

So, super asked when/where it all started, where did it all come from. shrunkenapplehead jumped at the chance to give her story at when it all started and I sat and listened. Super looked at me, and I said, "She's right. I'll own it, I'm fine with that. It DID all start with that incident and I did tell her "it's just fking chicken!" but she's not revealing how it came to a boil. She pushes and pushes and doesn't let up the drama. (then I turned my attention directly to her) L_ _a, I am sorry, maybe you don't even realize what you are doing, but you ARE VERY DRAMA. Evvvvveryyythingggg is such a big deal to you and you are loud and overbearing and waaaay over the top." I turned my attention back to the super, "It was later in the evening and I decided to make a lighter load of chicken rather than the full rack, so we would have enough if people swing by, but not so much to get stuck with too much leftover cooked chicken. As I am pulling the cart of chicken back to the fridge, L_ _a sees the light rack and FLIPPED OUT. 'Oh my G-D! Why is there only 3 chickens....on and on.'

L(shrunkenapplehead): "I didn't do that." (she ALWAYS denies EVERYTHING that is brought to her attention)
super: "Yes, I was told by another source in the store that you absolutely flipped out and made a scene."
me: "I honestly thought she was joking. I turned to her and said, 'Are you kidding?' I can't make a lighter load? (super)just made a lighter load earlier, why can't I?" She flat out told me I am not allowed to do the chicken that way and I asked her again, 'so, you're standing there literally telling me I am NOT ALLOWED to make a judgement call and make less chicken at this time of night? Then she got in my FACE and told me I am not allowed. That was when I lost it and told her, 'It's not ROCKET SCIENCE, it's FKN'G CHICKEN!"

So, now super had a clearer picture of how shrunk pushed me to snap. So super reminded her she is in no way my supervisor and just let me do my job. (gimme a fn break) I cannot believe it even came to all this. I had to speak up again.

"I cannot believe we are having to sit back here like kids in a principal's office and relive all this stupid drama. I still say, it's JUST CHICKEN. Even after that crap, I still chatted with her a bit around the deli, but when she pulled more of her stupid crap on me, I decided that's IT! I'm not making an effort to be friends or even cordial with craziness that will turn around and stab me in the back - for WHAT? A stupid DELI JOB? No offense to everyone else here doing a great job, everyone works great, but I came here JUST FOR A SIMPLE PART TIME PAYCHECK for extra money. I did NOT SIGN ON FOR THIS BS. Gimme a break."

super: "So, you're still saying you have no intention of being friends?"
me (laughing in disbelief): "No, I could care less. I'm just doing a p/t job man."

It went on a bit more and I took that time to reveal to them that I am already looking around for something else anyway and didn't want to say anything until I landed something, but I might as well let them know, I am OUTTA THERE. It NOT WORTH IT.

bla bla bla, At least I got some validation from super-of-the-night that Lshrinky IS DRAMA.

Last night when I arrived, the Manager, above super, was kina hovering around the timeclock as I came in. It kina looked like she wanted to catch me as I came in. So, we stepped into the office and I am thinking 'here we go again' but surprise surprise, Manager wanted to vent to me that she is fed up too and she is looking to move on. She said that she is FULLY AWARE of all L's stupid BS and drama and that she went so far as to make up a BS story about the deli manager (her) and how stupid is she to think that Manager wouldn't get wind of it? So, Manager told me she went right up to her and told her, "By the way.....

I told Manager, "It is as if she thrives on drama. She is so hooked on drama and HAS to live by drama that she makes up any BS story out of thin air and doesn't even realize what the hell she is doing. And she wants everyone to be her friend about it all."

Anyway, we had a good laugh, I handed Manager my letter of 2 weeks notice that I had already typed up at home anyway, so I was glad I ran into her. So, I have a set date, Saturday, November 22nd is my LAST DAY at one of the worst jobs I have ever had the displeasure of pursuing, even if it was just p/t for extra money.

STOP THE INSANITY, keep your sanity. Don't do bonehead jobs for extra money thinking it's going to be easy. There's a REASON there are boneheads in that job market, they'll fkn insult your intelligence, m a a a an! :-)

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