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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Exercise will do my body good.

Sleepy, slow, relaxing day, but I need to publish one more quickie (since my last post was a ppp) If you're wondering what that is, you haven't missed much.

Has your significant other ever called you fat? Even on accident? My guy did the other night, but it was so stupidly innocent and harmless, that I had to let it slide after the initial zinger of pain through my gut, yes, my fat gut. cute video inside

I'm not a huge girl, but in my old age, (uh um 39), I have managed to pack on about 20 extra pounds. That should be easy enough to shed, but I dream up every excuse under the sun and moon to get out of working my fat ass. I HATE exercising. It is SUCH A BORE!!! But my guy is going to get us both memberships to the gym, so that will be fun to workout together - I've actually never done that with a boyfriend.....interesting.

That's not the gesture that implied my fattitude.

The other night, we were watching t.v. I was on one couch and he was on the other. I decided to get up and join him on the other couch for some good ol snuggle-spoonage. As we struggled to position ourselves, he blurts out, "Look at us 2 fatties trying to fit on this couch!"

I immediately reacted - but just as quickly, assured him, "The truth hurts. I'm not mad at you, I'm mad at ME for not exercising!" That lit a fire in me to get back into shape, and FAST.

Tonight at the grocery store, it was a lot of veggies, fruit, tofu, and fresh ingredients for yummy, healthy food. Step awaaaaaay from the ice cream, fat ass!

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