Setback yields unexpected blessings. - @FalconSays

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Setback yields unexpected blessings.

Had that Red tune in my head, but couldn't think of the words.
"Money _ _ _ _, awww money money money....." and then the rest of the words hit me,
"Money too tight to mention, awww money money money monaaaayyyyy." And that doesn't quite fit my latest scenario.
But I'll blog today's thoughts anyway and drum up a silly video to enjoy inside.

Earlier today, while preparing for the big move to the slightly bigger unit downstairs, I got some bad news from the landlord. He said the people downstairs are playing hardball and he's having to take them to court to get them out. They haven't paid rent in a while, and it is, apparently, a lot harder these days to just evict someone with 30days, 72hr or kick their ass out for not, they're dragging their asses and riding the free rent train as long as they can.

Anyway, so, it looks like the soonest we'd have that bigger unit is going to be at least 3 months. I already started a lot of the heavy work, breaking down my kid's room furniture and loading it at the wall by the front door and hauling crap outside for the dump.

OK, brainstorm time. Since the kid's room is already getting emptied out, I'll clean the carpet and set up my CalKing bedroom set in there, shove her bunkbed pieces under my bed, make a huge haul to the dump of some of my old crappy furniture that I wanted to get rid of anyway and make room for some of Mel's stuff around this place. The rent is DIRT CHEAP, we'd save a heckof a lot more than the place downstairs and it's all temporary until we buy anyway! Now, just gotta see if my kiddo and Mel will go for it. It's going to be tight living quarters, my kid needs to give up her room for the adults and she needs to sleep on the couch - all along reminding them how TEMPORARY this all is.

So, the kid gets home from school and I don't say a thing to her about the change in plans....but she does see her bedroom schtuff by the front door, but she must just think I am getting ready for the (other) move.

Then, Mel comes over after work and I sit them both down and let them know that downstairs looks like that option is OUT for a few months. What do you think if we all live here? CHEAP cheap cheap! AMAZINGLY, they both are HAPPY about the idea. WE all realize how much we can STOCKPILE THE MONEY in the bank for a brand new house! Mel is saving on rent, electric, gas and I am saving rent. I don't pay elec nor much gas anyway. COOLNESS, done deal!

A little while later, Mel headed 'home' to his little place and I told my daughter how proud I am of her and SO HAPPY that she really likes Mel, they get along great, and our new family life is just right no track. She not only is going along with the sacrifice of losing her room, but she's totally fine with sleeping on the couch and she's happy about us all saving up so much and buying a house. OK, I ramble. I have to go find a video......

image:this is not my daughter's bunkbed.

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