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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Model loses both her hands and feet.

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Model loses both her hands and feet.
How incredibly sad!
(update: the poor girl died)

Life throws us all kinds of tests and sometimes the tests are so bizarre and seemingly from way out of left field that we boggle at how it relates to us, let alone get through the tragedy.

Here is a test hitting so close to home for one young beautiful girl. The irony and direct slap in the face can only leave her thankful for her life, and, that it didn't actually effect her 'face'.
She is lucky to be alive.
This beautiful Brazilian model has lost both her HANDS and FEET to a severe urinary infection! With strong will, a positive attitude and support from friends and family, I am sure she will be up on her feet and applauding her recovery.
From Foxnews.com, read full story here.