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Monday, May 11, 2009

P90X day 1 Forum Discussions

Ok, I definitely want to blog on my progress everyday, but since I am excited about being actively involved on a few threads already for my P90X on TeamBeachBody.com, I realized I could just copy my forum posts over to my blog to track the same progress.

Maybe someday I'll get brave enough to post some home vids of my work-outs. YIKES! Maybe only after I see some progress. Until then, here is my most recent post on just one of the 3 discussion/support threads I have decided to join. This thread is great because the ENTIRE GROUP seems really set and dedicated toward holding accountability to each member. In fact, the top of our posts, we are supposed to announce in read what our work-out for the day is.

Me, being Virgo and a geek, I went a step further and posted that I held myself accountable to the P90X recommended diet for the day as well, and posted what I consumed. HA! That is so anal of me, and so me ;-) Here is my post:

Posted 05-11-09 07:18 PM
accountability: 5/11/09, P90X Day1, Chest & Back/Ab Ripper X
Diet(Y):cottage cz breakfast, salad lunch, handful almonds snack, seafood n veggie dinner, water water water)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Accountability Indeed. I see there is going to be no side-stepping here, other than hard-core work-outs. Do you guys have some secret hidden wireless cyber-cameras out n about robotting households? JK, . . . .

I was just away from the computer for a couple hours and there are a TON of new posts, and that's just on this thread alone.

Man-ALIVE/WOman-ALIVE - YOU PEOPLE ROCK to be on our A**es so hard. Ride it, Bring it, Rock it. I am so glad there is such a dedicated group of people.

* * * MegaStoked: that's just your conscience lighting the fire under ya. You'll make up for it, you'll post to all of us about it, and you'll be so proud! Don't accidentally be so hard on yourself that you feel bad. I believe "BRING IT" also means to bring the great attitude, not just the hard work.

* * * Schedman Ted: Ok, so by joining this thread, I take it I am officially/automatically part of the accountability since I am on the MATRIX? Neat, I love the Matrix (only one of my all-time faves) Ok, so I'll put my daily ACCOUNTABILITY up top in red for all to read my progress or KICK MY A**

Amazing what a little text from real folk out there in 3D land can do for an addrenaline rush.
LOV'N IT (& I don't mean McDonalds!)

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