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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

P90X Day 10 *POW!*

The measurements don't lie. P90X Day10 √: Shoulders & Arms, Ab Ripper X, 60min walk & hills.
day1: 150, waist 34, chest 40
day10: 146, waist 33.3, chest 37.5(sorry
(edited this post time so my other last post of the day didn't end my blog on a sour note.)

Accountability: 5/20/09, Day10, P90X, Shoulders & Arms, Ab Ripper X, xtra 60 min walk & hills out around town

Hi All,
I love this thread. I am here once a day, but there are always so many new posts to read it feels like days in between. Great Team Great Team
Day 10 √check. Took my measurements today for the first time since day 1 and voila:
day1: 150, waist 34, chest 40
day10: 146, waist 33.3, chest 37.5
LOVN' IT! And may I say, my backside is like *POW!* Jessica Beil, Beyonce, tight badonkadonk
OK, listening to too much of my 13yr daughter's music ♫
I'm hooked on the X maaan, ladies & gentlemen. I'm an X hooker! Ha Ha ♥
Hi SchedmanTed,
;-) I didn't look around to see who was in the room, but glad you were there. I have entered the contest several times and then finally read the rules yesterday. . . .I needed to upload my before pic to qualify instead of just my profile pic. So, I missed out on the $1,000 entry yesterday and all those red Xs before meant nothing.
But today's red X for $300 should work, we'll see. WOWY is the only place I have my before pic posted. . . of this site, facebook, my blog and myfitnesspal.com. . . .I am shy/bites pinky. (ya right) GREAT WORKOUT TODAY!


  1. Sounds excellent gurl...missin ya you know. (Coach Wes) Hope all is well and you didnt get hurt over the holiday weekend.

  2. Hey gurl...missing you since the holiday weekend. Hope everything is okay. I know with your energy and drive you are still working out but I worry about you when I don't hear from you ;) Guess that's part of being your adopted coach. Peace

    (Coach Wes)

  3. Its me again. You know its cause we love you right? :)


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