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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

P90X day 2 & 3 & exceptional challenges

On Day 3 of my P90X workouts and lovin it!

The burn feels so good. I've heard it described as better than sex and I have to agree. I am getting addicted to the endorphin rush. And, since I haven't had any action in a very very, you don't even wanna know, very long time, these work-outs serve me two-fold! Endorphins and fitness. I then get to grace the world with my rockin bod! HA!

Yesterday was a challenging day, emotional-wise. Emotions have a way of tricking me and tripping me up. I can't let that get in my way. I definitely want the rockin 110% hard-core athletic body of all time and I KNOW the P90X training will get me there in 90days!

I had a little spat with someone that has grown special to my heart. My head stepped in and made a decision to pull way back and focus my attention more back on just me n my kid, well and our critters. So, yeah, basically I kina broke up with someone. It's real and real-lame at the same time, but there are real feelings involved so it was tricky.

I should post this on my 'down, write blog', so maybe I'll just copy it over there.
Here's the lame part, we met on Facebook. Hit it off and visited a lot everyday. Have yet to meet in person, both being cautious. He's been separated from his wife for about 1 year and a half but is still legally married, so that's a flag right there.

They do shared custody with the kids, and since he is not legally divorced yet, he is extra careful about what goes up on his Facebook wall, which I have been respectful of. There have been a few instances where he got his knickers in a twist over what I post on his wall and we've talked about it. I didn't think they were anything out of line, and in fact, here are two real examples of what happened. The others were even more so insignificant that I don't even remember what the issue was.

This first recollection is a comment post on a picture of him and his mom on mother's day. I posted that it was a 'cute pic'. After me, another female friend typed, 'super cute pic'. So, after her, to be funny, I typed, 'fine, super duper cute'. At this point, he contacted me to 'discuss' why he thought that was inappropriate to be catty fighting on his wall and looking all jealous of some other girl or something. 1)Say hello to your ego and 2)did you read it? It was just fine, super duper cute. Gimme a break. It wasn't the first time he brought something up to me and I was beginning to get annoyed at his over-paranoia to stupid words on stupid facebook.

The next day, we were visiting about something entirely different and he let me know, that by the way, I was right because the other girl, I guess works at his office and approached him and said she 'likes what Karen types' and thought my snappy come-back was cute. He told her that he had words with me about it and she apparently was able to let him know to lighten up. He is so worried about his "x" wife finding anything on his wall, maybe he's not really separated?? Hmm, could that be it? I don't know, but his ever growing paranoia and what I am about to reveal next gave me enough reason to break off even just the simple facebook fascination.

Some days after that, he comments on how he only ate a salad for dinner and he was starving and if it were earlier, he would run out and get a fast food burger. So, to that I commented, 'No Noooo, No more fast food for me man'. Because by now, most of my friends and mutual friends, via the wall, know that I am on P90X and in strict regimen of what I consume. About an hour after that, it was getting late and I decided to just send him a quick pop-up chat to let him know I was signing off facebook and his reply was curt. I typed back, 'what's wrong?' and he was short again. So, I picked up the phone and called him and heeeere's more drama!

He starts talking about how facebook is too public and he's going to back off for a while, bla bla bla. And I asked what all this was coming from and he said, "We have talked about this before. That I am very careful about what goes up on my wall." And I had NO IDEA what he was upset about. I told him I could tell by his short chat that something was definitely up and I know it's late but I want to know what I did or said. He starts in with, "Ahh nothing, forget it." I was not about to let it go since obviously he's accusing me of something, AGAIN.

He starts in again talking about how he can't believe that I did it again and whatever I typed on his wall and he's rambling, but with no specifics. I tell him again, 'I need you to tell me specifically what you are talking about and what I typed that was so bad because I have no idea what you are talking about.' He finally told me the exact thread and comment that bothered him. He said that I made reference to him being "my man" in my post on his fast food thread. I said he was reading it wrong! It is, 'No more fast food for ME, man.' As in I won't eat anymore fast food. I told him I could NOT BELIEVE he was getting attitude with me over a fast food comment and especially since I made NO REFERENCE to what he was talking about. I told him it is REALLY UNFORTUNATE that it's come to this.

We talked a little longer, he DID apologize. I asked him if he wanted me to erase my comment and he kina begrudgingly said no. We got off the phone, but I was upset for quite a while.

Later, actually, early in the morning, I got up and decided to drop him a note. I had been thinking of nothing but the incident. I got on to facebook, I did go and erase that comment I made because 1)it's mine to erase if I want anyway and 2)it obviously upset him so I just wanted to be done with it. I sent him a note telling him that I thought it over, could wait a few days and say that I have thought about it for days, but that I am already at my decision that since there are too many issues popping up over basically nonsense that I am going to be pulling waaaaaay back from our communication. I will not be flirting with him anymore and I don't want us acting like there's anything going on, because we haven't even met yet anyway. All of this is cropping up because he's not yet divorced anyway....if he were, he shouldn't care what I put on his wall. It's not fair to either one of us that I am kept a secret if he is separated. And basically, that I look forward to us meeting someday when he is really divorced.

What was his reply? Just short, of course! So, I think that means I hit the nail on the head.

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