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Saturday, May 16, 2009

P90X Day 4, 5 & forum posts content

Today is day 6 of my P90X & I'll post my Day 6 progress later, but I need to catch up and post the previous day 4& 5 now. I am still loving the work-outs but I am also in a little bit of pain, but I think it's pain from progress. I feel much better today than yesterday, so I know my muscles are recovering.

Was having to miss just a little bit of yesterday's workout because I don't have the pull-up bar yet, but another member on the message boards gave me a great tip on how to jury-rig my band thru the door jam, up n over the top hinge! I was wondering why on the videos they say to use the bands as an alternate if you don't have the pull-up bar, yet on the videos, they get to work-out in this big, elaborate, professional room and their bands are securely attached to some equipment from the ceiling. HELLO! We don't have that shit at home!

So I don't have to type my P90X progress over and over, I'm taking to copying and pasting my work-out-site forum posts here:

Accountability: 5/14/09 P90X Day 4 Yoga X, Diet (Y)
Hi All,
Yoga is great. I like it a lot, can't say I love it yet because I am just being frustrated that I can't get it as precise as the Pros on t.v. in time, in time.

The only one I could absolutely NOT do at all was CRANE. I tried and tried but could not even move up onto my hands, not even with one foot on the floor. I think with more Yoga and with increased flexibility, I'll be able to pull that off.

Yoga is MUCH more intense and difficult than I could have ever imagined! It is invigorating and tough. My only disappointment with the 'system' so far . . . . .was today's WOWY.
Today was my first real-time WOWY entry, and I was surprised and disappointed to see that the progress bar automatically jumped to my next work-out and I was NOT GIVEN THE OPPORTUNITY TO HIT THE "DONE" button when the Yoga time ran out....I did NOT see that coming. I was reluctant to hit 'done' too soon, as I approached my computer and saw the timer still had 2 minutes on it. I thought if I hit it before the time was out, the system would think I gave up my work-out too soon and be disqualified. So I waited, then WHAMMO, on to my next work-out and I didn't even get a blink of an eye to hit done.....ArRrGH

I walk/run in the evenings and I did not know my WOWY work-out progress bar was going to automatically jump to that timer. . . . So my WOWY entry today is just BOGUS and I don't know how I am going to "record/schedule" my xtra evening work-outs and enter WOWY. I am sure this awesome team here can give me some good feedback tips n tricks around this. I am so bummed that I am not entered in today's WOWY after my earnest Yoga work-out, boo hoo :-(

I sent an email to the WOWY admin contact for that concern and will see/post what they reply. Thanks for letting me vent. Ordinarily, I do not take the whiny approach. So, I guess I really just should not have whined then. ha ha!
xoxo ~Karen Falcon
Hi All,
I already posted my accountability earlier as I had a 9am yoga today. . . but just for sh*ts n giggles I did xtra. . . .really trying to rip double-time (or just punish myself???)
Deez: Ya, don't beat yourself up. We all have downtime.

Jazzwyld: I am so thrilled you did crane! Today was my first yoga, I could NOT get the crane, but deez gave me great tips for next time.

DenverDave: (((HAPPY BIRTHDAY))) And, hey now, he's single ladies! Sorry to hear about your breakup, but it looks like you sure posted it in good spirits, so WELCOME to SinglezVille

So, for my xtra rippin fun time after my 9am Yoga accountability this morn. I did 1hour walk/run this evening and when I got back. . . I was feeling kina pumped so, care to guess what I did? I pulled out the ol AB RIPPER X BBz! Dahts Rawght!! Must be progress cuz I managed to Ab Rip that puppy with only 2 mini-itsy-weensie-insignificant breaks this time. (((YESSSS))) (can you tell how stoked I am?)
xoxo ~Karen
Karen - your enthusiasm is awesome! But don't go too nuts. We want you to succeed and not burn out too quick. Tony even says at some point about not doing abs every day. Plus the Yoga workout has the Yoga belly 7 in it. I suggest you skip the abs tomorrow when you do Legs and Back. You've already done them 3 times this week.
I agree with him, Karen.

The workouts break down the muscles...
as they rebuild themselves in recovery we make our gains.

Over training burns precious muscle mass...
without allowing it to rebuild.

Channel your zest... don't do abs back to back.

Just like any muscle group.

It is a marathon not a sprint.

You are doing great, keep it up!
Ya (head low n humble), you guys & gals are right.
Ok, I'll chill and stick with the program.

What am I going to do with all this xtra energy and enthusiasm up here in podunk Oregon???
I need to get back to Cali, born n raised, friends n family there. . .

We move back to Cali this summer, NOT SOON ENOUGH.
Sorry fellow Oregonians, but this state blows.
Like the ol saying, "Nice place to visit, but..."
Accountability: 5/15/09, P90X Day5, Legs & Back
Hi All,
I managed to do about 1/2 my accountability tonight. I don't have a pull-up bar yet and I do have bands. . . but nothing to attach my bands to. I'll have to invest in a pull-up bar soon. Interesting that 'The Kutchers' are doing the X, nice.
Wishing everyone a super evening!
xoxo ~Karen
Hi All,
STEVE! Thank You soooo much for the excellent tip for my bands! I will do that! I don't want to miss out on any aspects of the work-outs, yet I can't quite fork-out xtra for the pull-up bar right now. I bit into the budget just ordering the P90X. Well worth it though.
Great post reads today!
Hope you all are enjoying your weekend. It's a beautiful sunny day in Oregon today, gunna go for a nice walk/run. Kempo is my accountability later today.
See y'all later,~Karen

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