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Sunday, May 17, 2009

P90X Day 7 = (rest day) But I did 5mi walk/run

According to P90X, today is supposed to be a rest day, but I've got great momentum going and as long as I am so inclined to sweat, burn calories and work on my glutious maximus, I'll do it babay!

I'll do my usual post from my forum communique, but I have a bonus today. I took pics of my usual run spot here in Oregon. I hope to add more pics to 'running' facebook album from other parts of this Oregon town before we move back to Cali.

Hi All,
I'm getting irritated. This may show up as a 3rd post, in that case I will delete my xtras, but sheeesh, my post keeps going into neverneverland, and I don't mean Michael Jackson's playground.


Hi All,
Maaaan, don'tcha hate it when you prepare a long post and it just goes 'bloop' into nowhereland?!

WesB: I just noticed your post to others and to me - helping me to adjust my calm & storm, just wanted to letcha know I just saw that and THANK YOU. It puts it i
n perspective.

My longer version went on to say that I sure 'hope' I don't ever think of Ore as one of my fave places to live, eeeegats. I am glad we tried it, & it's a nice place to visit, but I will never liv
e here again. There's no place like home, Cali. But I get your point, the grass is always greener. . .somewhere else.

My longer also went on to say that yesterday I did a registered sex offender search in my old neighborhood where we are moving to and there are dot-markers aaalll over that map! As compared to only 1 marker in our current Ore neighborhood and that was back in 1991.
If anyone is interested in searching their neighborhood with a free search & map, go to familywatchdog.us. . . you can click on each dot to see the sex offender pic & their conviction.
xoxo ~Karen

(let's see if it posts this time!)

Accountability: 5/17/09 Day 7 P90X Rest, X Stretch, xtra 5mi walk/run
Hi All,
Beautiful weather, Beautiful people
Keep up the great work-outs!
xoxo ~Karen

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