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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

P90X Day 8, 9

I have been committed and dedicated to my work-outs, my WOWY website schedule, work-out contest entries, forum discussions and entering my food & exercise on myfitnesspal.com. I am really proud of myself and the best part - my kid tells me she is proud of me and is seeing results.

Accountability: 5/18/09 Day8, P90X Chest & Back, AbRipper X, 60 min walk/run
Hi All,
1st day of week2. . . .uhhrrgg, in a good way.
My muscles are telling me it's working and the mirror is reflecting a little of that back to me.
Not substantial results yet, but I am happy with the progress and very VERY happy I ordered P90X!
Have a great evening everyone! ♥ Karen
Accountability: 5/19/09, Day9, P90X, Plyometrics, (xtra 60min walk/run later this eve.)
Hi All,
Happy Tues All. Sorry you're down Dave!
Was on myfitnesspal earlier on the message boards and a member was seeking advice on how to curb her cravings for chocolate. DARN! Now I want chocolate! The power of suggestion is strong, but the power of P90X is stronger and
Deez: you are right, I am seeing results! You are most probably right about them giving up & not visiting the forum discussions too. .. . the accountability and just knowing that I committed to WOWY & schedule work-outs and check in everyday here. . . .. with new-found friends....makes a big diff. ♥
Almost time for my pride to allow me to post a bikini pic, will that cheer up Dave? ah ha, I flatter myself :-) ♥ Karen
I should add, I got some of the best motivation last night. . .my 13yr daughter told me she is proud of me and sees the results already. "Wow Mom, your abs are flattening! You are really sticking with this. I'm proud of you Mom!"
~Life is good :-)

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