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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Running & My Sore Rear

My body is absolutely screaming at me tonight. I pushed it yesterday on my run after dinner and it felt like my ass was going to fall off and I knew since I felt that last night, the next day would be worse, like a car wreck.

Sure enough, I am hurtin but in a good way. So, I decided to push myself past it all over again today. I think I burned more fuel that I took in cuz I am absolutely exhausted. My rumpuss hurts, but a lot less than yesterday. I reached around and felt her up, she's getting taut, niiice.

I still have not received my P90X from the FedEx dude. I ordered it May 1st, so it should be any day now. I have been purposely pushing myself before I get my P90X so I can keep up with that regimen. I hear it is a bear. I don't want it to kick my sore end. Not much to blog about until my fitness junk arrives.

I am friends with one of the ladies that bought off my ebay and we visit on FaceBook. She asked if I could burn her some of my P90X dvds cuz she's been meaning to try it. I agreed to swap her my P90X for her to burn for her to send me her Hip Hop Abs & whatever else she can dig up, then send me my originals back. I hope this doesn't come back to bite my ever so sore glutes.
(image: not me, I goog'd 'lady joggers')

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