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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What I read in the Bath Tonight

Few things compare to a long soak in a tub of scented bubbles with a good read. After working on various projects on the computer all day, I couldn't wait to dip my toes into the hot water and slink to my usual reading position against the wall. Even though my eyes were reading all over the internet all day, I needed the crinkly read of the wrinkly magazine in hand.

Not quite like the lady in the picture, I am surrounded by reads, good, big, thin, tall, small and maybe even a little bad. In my bathroom, along the walls in my room, under the television and tucked away under the side-table, I just can't get enough.        (image source: weheartit.com)

Tonight's read was both informative, which I love because I need to learn something new everyday. In fact, I think I have, in some neurotic way become addicted to learning because I don't want to just learn everyday. I get jazzed learning something every hour. But that is my catch-22 because with an insatiable appetite for discovering something new or searching for new somethings to discover, I sometimes feel like I am just spinning my wheels. 

But today I actually accomplished a lot and so this read was so relaxing after a long day and it satisfied the geek in me to be able to say out loud, 'Ah ha, cool' to some really great ideas that I couldn't wait to share with you.

From an article in Small Business Opportunities, titled, '50 Online Goldmines for You to Start Today', the article spans 12 partial pages (smattered with ads of course) and covers such critical supplemental reading as: marketing your idea on Facebook, business compliance and organizational strategies. Below are just a few that I thought were clever and manageable and NOT the usual run-of-the-mill work from home ideas we usually see today.
  • Sell wholesale merchandise, try SMC
  • Personalized books for kids
  • Keepsake album scrap booking
  • Gift basket business from home
  • Community Newsletter and sell ad space
  • Music songs personalized for kids
  • Bottle your recipe
  • Online Museum and sell ad space
  • Birthday in a box

That's just a few of the 50 ideas that caught my eye. I'm too tired now after that relaxing bath to go into any detail after even just the few ideas above, but those are at least food for thought.

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