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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Venison, chilled-rare

Four young bucks walk onto a boat, the Skipper says, . . 

Sounds like an opening to a joke, yet this tall story of the crossing paths of these deer and humans' journeys were very real on the frigged northern seas. 

Imagine spotting some rather peculiar surface-swimmers only to see upon arrival they are desperately stressed four-legged critters of the hooved kind.

Knowing the people were their only salvation, intelligently or instinctively  here is picture proof of the four that didn't get away that day. They either learned this swimming lesson the hard way or learned humans will pick them up and give them a free ride.

Let's hope the next time these wandering young bucks decide to go skinny dipping, they don't climb aboard the local mobile butcher barge!

Exhausted, they swam directly to the boat.

Soaked and Shivering, they rested.

Saying goodbye & maybe 'Thank You' too.

The last, weakest, needed a little extra help.

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  1. Luckily the butcher had compassion for these deer. I enjoyed this article greatly.


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