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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Trust your gut

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Trust your gut

It is a horrible feeling to live with regret. I regret not calling the police last night when I heard two men fighting in a parking lot. The incident escalated to medical emergency with an ambulance driving one of the men to a hospital and it all possibly could have been halted before it escalated, had I trusted my gut and called for help. I sincerely hope the person will be okay.

The other night I had another occasion to trust my gut and I did listen to that quiet, inner voice. I picked up one guy from a strip club, last  Saturday night, the 21st of October; the date is relevant because of our conversation.

Guy "Were you driving the night of the shooting?"

Me "No, I was off work, but I was on the strip."

Guy "I went to Mandalay today. I cannot believe they have still not replaced the shot-out windows!"

Me "Uhhhh, the windows were replaced about a week, or less, after the shooting."


At this point, I knew it was just myself and some irrational lunatic in my cab or he's confused on drugs or both, but whatever is influencing his behavior, it's not looking so good for both of us in this cab right now. I don't want to aggravate an already irate man that can over-power me, so I play it cool.

Me "Oh! Wow, you're right, I wasn't there today, sorry. I believe you that you have pictures. So, what does it look like today? Are the windows just out of the frame, like maybe they're installing new ones again? I noticed the other new windows were not an exact match of the rest, like they were maybe from a different manufacturer."

Guy "NO! I'm telling you, the windows were shattered and shot-out with still broken glass around the edges!"

Uhg, he's still being quite illogical, so I better play it even more cool, so I change the subject.

Me "You mentioned you're at Holiday Inn on Koval, right behind the High Roller, right?"

Guy "NO! I'm behind the Wynn."

I was just trying to say anything to change the subject but now he even wants to argue with me about where he's staying. I just want to get this crazy guy dropped off and never see him again. We arrive at the Holiday Inn and it's a large complex. I do not like driving to their door at night and especially when they are this cuckoo crazy on drugs (or something, I honestly did not know his problem).

Guy "Turn here and go all the way to the back. My building is in the back."

Legally, I don't have to. If we ever feel in danger, we can drop them at the front, in the light and where witnesses are and tell them to walk from there. Heck, legally, if we ever feel in danger, we can pull over anywhere we want and kick them out of the cab! I did an immediate gut-check, as he was telling me where to go. I turned around and watched him speaking to me. It may seem weird but I don't care what anyone else thinks, this is what works for me; I needed to see his face and feel his energy as he was telling me what to do so I could sense his intention. My gut feeling was that his intention was perfectly harmless and he truly just wanted door to door service so he wouldn't have to walk too far; so I drove to the back. It worked out just fine, but there was one more crazy outburst from him and I snapped a little bit because I was already on edge with this character. He wanted me to give him $15 back from the $20 he handed me.

Me "Uh, but then you're only paying me $5 for the cab ride? That's not cool. I got you home safe and we visited and now you only want to pay me five bucks? What's up with that sh*t?"

Guy "HEY! I paid you on my credit card and I'm giving you a $5 tip!"

Me "You never even pulled out your card, Sir! Look at the screen (pointing to the credit card machine), you didn't pay me anything yet. What are you trying to pull?"

Guy "My CARD IS ON MY PHONE! I PAID ALREADY and I'm just trying to give you a cash tip! Then his face softened. . . . Ohhh, this isn't uber, SORRY! Here, keep the whole $20. You're cool and I feel like crap now. Bye."

He got out and walked away and that was that. I should have realized he thought I was an uber, we get that sometimes, but I was so distracted from his odd behavior before. So it worked out fine and I got a better tip than anticipated from the somewhat unnerving ride. Man, I really hate rides like that!

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Taxi passenger's celebrity story

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Taxi passenger's celebrity story
Gene Hackman image via: http://www.indiewire.com/2012/04/in-defense-of-unforgivens-little-bill-daggett-233305/
One of my favorite aspects of this job, being a cabbie, is that you never know what you're going to get. Everyday and every ride is different. I picked up a nice couple at the airport. As we start on our way, the gentleman tells me he used to be a cabbie here in Vegas. We had a great time visiting as he was telling me a few stories about back in his day. Now-a-days, he and his girlfriend travel a lot; but they both have family here so it was about time for a visit. Since I dropped them off downtown, which is quite a distance from the airport, I decided to try my luck finding a pick-up nearby. Downtown did not disappoint.

The first hotel I rolled my taxi near, immediately whistled for me to pull in to scoop up a fare. A nice, older couple climbed in and we started on our way. I have a few one-liners to break the ice. I asked them if there was a special occasion that brings them to Vegas. The lady mentioned that it's just a get-away and they love coming to Vegas. Then the gentleman chimed in that they are from Canada and used to own and run their own hotel. Then they both had big smiles on their faces and went back and forth, taking turns to tell me their fantastic celebrity story!

Their hotel,  which they have since sold,  has been in a couple of movies; Viva Las Nowhere and The Unforgiven. Gene Hackman was staying at their neighbor's place with his two Doberman Pincer guard dogs. The remote area, no one locks their doors and they even leave keys in their cars in case any neighbor happens to need to barrow a car; ah Canadians, ha ha.

So, one day, while Gene Hackman was still shacked up at their neighbor's place with his two dogs, my folks' son just walks into the neighbor's house, as is custom, and he is swiftly greeted by two Doberman Pincer guard dogs, oh, and the story gets even better! Down the stairs, here comes Gene Hackman with a shotgun pointed at their son! They were laughing telling me this story and both admitted, it's sure funny now, but at the time it was quite scary for their son. Oh, and the story doesn't even end there! Soon thereafter, another day, another neighbor just walks right in to where Gene Hackman is staying and is swiftly greeted by the dogs and Mr. Hackman and a shotgun again. We were all laughing so much, I didn't even think to ask them while I had them captive in my taxi, why in the world didn't Gene Hackman just lock the door?

We arrived and I told them they have better stories than a Las Vegas cabbie! And the wife said, "Oh yeah! We didn't even ask you about any of your stories. Next time!"

Tuesday, October 17, 2017


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This morning I awoke thinking of something a passenger told me, "It's simple, Karen. It's all about people. You love people, right? Even when we don't want to be around people, it's the people that put a roof over your head, food in the fridge, things we use everyday that were invented or made by people." The way he put it, so simple, it made me appreciate my job all the more. 

We've all had bad days, but it takes discipline to retrain your mind to always strive to find the positive. I firmly believe that perception is reality and we each have our own unique perspective or perception of reality, so when we choose to see positive over negative I believe that engages our power to literally change our world, no matter how cliche that may seem. 

My first ride of the evening was a couple of very negative ladies. The type of constant negative, nasaly talk that makes you want to shout at them, "ENOUGH ALREADY!" Of all the crap I've been through, these two just had to be my first ride? They're visiting Las Vegas on work's dime, yet they're already bitching and moaning. I couldn't take it anymore. I had to speak up. So, I tried to paint a silver lining for them to get the hint, listen to me, shine some light on how negative they were sounding. 

Me "That's quite a few days you're staying with us. So you must have some wriggle-room for fun and not all work."

Ladies "Noooo, it's aaaaallll worrrrk."
Lady 1 to Lady 2 "Uhg, the first meeting is at 8 a.m. By the end of the day I'm going to want to kill myself."

Okay, I'm no goodie-two-shoes and I can potty-mouth with the best of them, but that's one expression that I won't use. It's not my place to tell people how to be; you're in charge of your own mind-body-spirit and I don't want to come across as self righteous, but that expression is so unsettling and hurtful to just toss out to the universe. Besides the shock of that expression alone, just how did these ladies allow themselves to get in such a pissy mood that they cannot even appreciate a) they are employed, b) they are traveling on work's dime, c) they are not hearing how they are coming across or don't care and d) Their morning meeting was over 12 hours away. They were like a couple of Succubusses in my taxi cab and I could not wait to get them out of my little perception of reality for me to move on to better energy.

I dropped off the Succubus twins and headed back to the airport. It is my favorite place to pick up because I get to be a part of the beginning of their Vegas trip, wether it be work or play and I especially love it when it is their first time in Las Vegas! I feel honored and blessed to be a part of people's lives from all over the world, nearly everyday. 

The young gentleman I picked up was here for work, he was exhausted, it was his sixth business trip in four weeks and he has a new baby at home that he's missing; but his attitude is GOLD. He said, "But I'm crushing it. Work hard-play hard and Im doing this for my family!" He was so tired. I could see it in his face and the way he could barely speak, but overall, he is able to see the good in his situation rather than dwell on anything negative. 

Encouraged by the young man that just pumped fresh, positive vibes back into my taxi cab, I went back to the airport. I picked up three very nice, fun people that had a Vegas virgin with them. We drove along the strip to show her all the lights of the casinos and the thousands of people milling about with their smiling faces. She was so excited to finally see Las Vegas, she could not decide where she wanted to go first after checking in to her hotel. I told her, "I live here and still can't do it all! You'll be back!"