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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Taxi passenger's celebrity story

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One of my favorite aspects of this job, being a cabbie, is that you never know what you're going to get. Everyday and every ride is different. I picked up a nice couple at the airport. As we start on our way, the gentleman tells me he used to be a cabbie here in Vegas. We had a great time visiting as he was telling me a few stories about back in his day. Now-a-days, he and his girlfriend travel a lot; but they both have family here so it was about time for a visit. Since I dropped them off downtown, which is quite a distance from the airport, I decided to try my luck finding a pick-up nearby. Downtown did not disappoint.

The first hotel I rolled my taxi near, immediately whistled for me to pull in to scoop up a fare. A nice, older couple climbed in and we started on our way. I have a few one-liners to break the ice. I asked them if there was a special occasion that brings them to Vegas. The lady mentioned that it's just a get-away and they love coming to Vegas. Then the gentleman chimed in that they are from Canada and used to own and run their own hotel. Then they both had big smiles on their faces and went back and forth, taking turns to tell me their fantastic celebrity story!

Their hotel,  which they have since sold,  has been in a couple of movies; Viva Las Nowhere and The Unforgiven. Gene Hackman was staying at their neighbor's place with his two Doberman Pincer guard dogs. The remote area, no one locks their doors and they even leave keys in their cars in case any neighbor happens to need to barrow a car; ah Canadians, ha ha.

So, one day, while Gene Hackman was still shacked up at their neighbor's place with his two dogs, my folks' son just walks into the neighbor's house, as is custom, and he is swiftly greeted by two Doberman Pincer guard dogs, oh, and the story gets even better! Down the stairs, here comes Gene Hackman with a shotgun pointed at their son! They were laughing telling me this story and both admitted, it's sure funny now, but at the time it was quite scary for their son. Oh, and the story doesn't even end there! Soon thereafter, another day, another neighbor just walks right in to where Gene Hackman is staying and is swiftly greeted by the dogs and Mr. Hackman and a shotgun again. We were all laughing so much, I didn't even think to ask them while I had them captive in my taxi, why in the world didn't Gene Hackman just lock the door?

We arrived and I told them they have better stories than a Las Vegas cabbie! And the wife said, "Oh yeah! We didn't even ask you about any of your stories. Next time!"

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