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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Trust your gut

It is a horrible feeling to live with regret. I regret not calling the police last night when I heard two men fighting in a parking lot. The incident escalated to medical emergency with an ambulance driving one of the men to a hospital and it all possibly could have been halted before it escalated, had I trusted my gut and called for help. I sincerely hope the person will be okay.

The other night I had another occasion to trust my gut and I did listen to that quiet, inner voice. I picked up one guy from a strip club, last  Saturday night, the 21st of October; the date is relevant because of our conversation.

Guy "Were you driving the night of the shooting?"

Me "No, I was off work, but I was on the strip."

Guy "I went to Mandalay today. I cannot believe they have still not replaced the shot-out windows!"

Me "Uhhhh, the windows were replaced about a week, or less, after the shooting."


At this point, I knew it was just myself and some irrational lunatic in my cab or he's confused on drugs or both, but whatever is influencing his behavior, it's not looking so good for both of us in this cab right now. I don't want to aggravate an already irate man that can over-power me, so I play it cool.

Me "Oh! Wow, you're right, I wasn't there today, sorry. I believe you that you have pictures. So, what does it look like today? Are the windows just out of the frame, like maybe they're installing new ones again? I noticed the other new windows were not an exact match of the rest, like they were maybe from a different manufacturer."

Guy "NO! I'm telling you, the windows were shattered and shot-out with still broken glass around the edges!"

Uhg, he's still being quite illogical, so I better play it even more cool, so I change the subject.

Me "You mentioned you're at Holiday Inn on Koval, right behind the High Roller, right?"

Guy "NO! I'm behind the Wynn."

I was just trying to say anything to change the subject but now he even wants to argue with me about where he's staying. I just want to get this crazy guy dropped off and never see him again. We arrive at the Holiday Inn and it's a large complex. I do not like driving to their door at night and especially when they are this cuckoo crazy on drugs (or something, I honestly did not know his problem).

Guy "Turn here and go all the way to the back. My building is in the back."

Legally, I don't have to. If we ever feel in danger, we can drop them at the front, in the light and where witnesses are and tell them to walk from there. Heck, legally, if we ever feel in danger, we can pull over anywhere we want and kick them out of the cab! I did an immediate gut-check, as he was telling me where to go. I turned around and watched him speaking to me. It may seem weird but I don't care what anyone else thinks, this is what works for me; I needed to see his face and feel his energy as he was telling me what to do so I could sense his intention. My gut feeling was that his intention was perfectly harmless and he truly just wanted door to door service so he wouldn't have to walk too far; so I drove to the back. It worked out just fine, but there was one more crazy outburst from him and I snapped a little bit because I was already on edge with this character. He wanted me to give him $15 back from the $20 he handed me.

Me "Uh, but then you're only paying me $5 for the cab ride? That's not cool. I got you home safe and we visited and now you only want to pay me five bucks? What's up with that sh*t?"

Guy "HEY! I paid you on my credit card and I'm giving you a $5 tip!"

Me "You never even pulled out your card, Sir! Look at the screen (pointing to the credit card machine), you didn't pay me anything yet. What are you trying to pull?"

Guy "My CARD IS ON MY PHONE! I PAID ALREADY and I'm just trying to give you a cash tip! Then his face softened. . . . Ohhh, this isn't uber, SORRY! Here, keep the whole $20. You're cool and I feel like crap now. Bye."

He got out and walked away and that was that. I should have realized he thought I was an uber, we get that sometimes, but I was so distracted from his odd behavior before. So it worked out fine and I got a better tip than anticipated from the somewhat unnerving ride. Man, I really hate rides like that!

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