- @FalconSays


Hello, my name is Karen and I am former a Las Vegas taxi driver. 
My last day driving taxi was March 17, 2020 when Las Vegas Metro Police was barricading, preparing to shut down the entire strip due to the covid-19 pandemic. Originally from San Jose, California, we moved to Las Vegas in 2010. I have a dog, a talking parrot and now fostering 2 senior cats.

Currently, I am a software student of salesforce's Trailhead online Administrator & Developer courses, a novice Audiobook Narrator after having build by own sound-studio of my walk-in closet, Reiki Practitioner (Level 1/Level 2 Aug 15, 2020) and continuing Reiki training through to Master/Teacher in 2021. I have also been hyper-sensitive my entire life with many paranormal experiences. Recently I've been giving more free readings for practice, preparing to start my Reiki business; getting positive feedback. Readings will be an additional service offered with Reiki energy work.

I created this FalconSays blog in 2007 when my daughter and I lived in Oregon.
I had let this blog grow stagnant over the years but from time to time I get excited to revive my blog. When I was a cabbie, it was just easier, more convenient or lazy on my part to simply post my taxi stories on facebook. Maybe someday I'll bring those stories onboard here. 

Although I never grew up aspiring to be a cabbie and it wasn't a bad gig, I had been longing to get away from that lifestyle anyway; just time to move on. So the timing of the pandemic, as tragic as it has been, was good timing for me to focus on creating a new life for myself. 

Me & my canon eos rebel T7 & extra pandemic weight
UNLV campus, June 2020